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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Posted Mar 16 2010 12:00am

Good Afternoon,

I thought I better add an update to reassure everyone that I continue to do well.  So well in fact that I have decided the Chemo isn’t working!  Of course, this is ridiculous; to have taken the hit of drugs I have and nothing to happen would be impossible. I just like to have SOMETHING to worry about.

I am back in work for the 2nd day now and its great.  Started getting bored in the house and to be honest prob could have worked last week for a bit (didn’t know what was going to happen though).  Things feel a lot more normal in work and its good to catch up and talk about footy like normal.

Chemo wise I had all kinds of aches yesterday that aren’t as bad today (didn’t start ’til the late afternoon though), this is apparently common and I am getting some occasional pain on the affected nodes (hopefully a sign they are being blasted).  I keep prodding my neck node hoping it will “go back in” like in a cartoon but no luck as yet, still its only been 1 week since the infusion! Other than the aches I don’t seem to be able to sleep very well.  This infuriates the wife as it means she is waking up every hour when I shift around to get comfortable. strangely I am not tired in the day despite a lack of sleep at night.  I have been passing the time by watching “Hustle” from series 1 to finish (up to series 3 final ep) and playing Playstation (trying to build a FIFA ultimate team).

I don’t expect anything to change for the rest of the week and so updates may be sparse until next week. Assume no news is good news in this case.  I am going the match on Thursday and hoping to see a similar display to last night (LFC 4-1 Pompey) and have some fun plans lined up for Sunday but may as well save them for a later update.

Finally, shout out to Mrs Byrne who made us some AMAZING scouse for tea on Sunday, it was fab.

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