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Why am I experiencing this chronic axillary lymph node swelling?

Posted by We_Want_Answers!

I've had a chronic axillary lymph node swelling in my left armpit for maybe two years now. Or rather, I noticed it roughly two years ago. In the past, it was just a lump and the area would seem to swell with some sort of liquid or sweat whenever I worked out or perspired. It is painful sometimes. I remember the first time I really noticed it, I went on a cleanse and felt like the thing had practically gone away, so all was well. Now its back again. I have no idea WHAT is causing this and it's driving me insane. I did an ultrasound and it was deemed benign, thankfully. I went on the antibiotic Augmentin just to see if it would respond. The pain associated with the lump went away for sure, but the lump itself did not seem to respond, albeit it has a history of shrinking and enlarging. I find that soursop tea helps the lump shrink, and I know soursop tea has some inflammation-inhibiting qualities. I wish I knew the REASON behind it. I can only add that I'm currently on Diane-35 bcp for years now, I stopped using my anti-perspirant Certain Dri when i noticed the lump. My mother supposedly has Celiac Disease, it's never been confirmed but she does not like her abdomen's response to gluten. I don't know if I have it or if Celiac disease would have anything to do with this particular lymph node situation. Has anyone experienced anything similar or does anyone have any ideas?Anything would be helpful. I'm 23, female, by the way. No breast cancer runs in the family. Only diabetes in relatives. 

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