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Online Video 90210 Season 5 Episode 10= 21st Jan– megavideo || S5XE10

Posted Jan 21 2013 11:31pm

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Dixon is also paranoid (rightfully so) about Adrianna, as she’s totally freaked out now that her Vegas hook-up is in town, partnering up with her friends on business ventures. I’m so sorry and I mean nothing bad towards the actor, but I really think the better storyline would have been Dixon dying in that accident, and everyone having to deal with the fall-out.In other news, Navid is trying to re-invent himself as Charlie Sheen without the drug problem. Only Naomi seemed to notice, and that was only because his dates showed more side-boob than her. Poor Navid. Someone has to love him best!Watch 90210 Season 5 Episode 10 Online, 90210  5x10 Free, Watch 90210  s05e10 Online Full Episode, Watch 90210  Season 5 Episode 10  Online Free From 90210  Season 5 Episode 10, Watch 90210  Season 5 Episode 10 Online, 90210  5x10 Free, Watch 90210  s05e10 Online Full Episode,

Click Here Watch Full Episode

Sure, it's no award worth of winning show, but what type of show with teens ever does? Just look at One Tree Hill and The O.C, both are based around teens with the occaisonal adult and it's not like either of them have awards coming out their back sides.

Yeah, it's acting isn't amazing, but seriously what did you expect? I can't think of a similar show with better acting. Again, referring to other teen dramas: One Tree Hill and The. O.C, neither of them have good acting. Shows like this are like temporary soap operas and there isn't any decent actors in any of them! Why is that? Because it's so god damn unrealistic. 90210 is unrealistic, which is why you may consider the acting bad. A situation you've never thought of happening jumps out at you and you have no idea how the characters or yourself should react.

Okay, it's a remake, so what? It may be a remake type spin off show to the 1990's 90210, but it is still a different show. If you don't compare it to it's predecessor then it makes the show much more enjoyable. I'd say the remake is better anyway, it's just more up to date. I know I wouldn't be able to enjoy that out of date BH90210.

Seriously, stop comparing it to the first one, stop treating it like it SHOULD have been made to win Oscar type awards, stop complaining about the acting when you have no idea what makes a decent actor and stop the ridiculous hating for no reasons other than the fact you "hate Annie because she is annoying".

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