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Just a little worried & scared after hospital visit last week.

Posted by missy021304

This is my first time posting here..... I was seen in the hospital for stomach pain last week and after doing an x-ray and ct scan they told me that I had very enlarged lymph nodes.  At first it sounded ok because the Dr said it can happen from an infection, although I haven't had a fever, been sick, or had any infection that I am aware of. As he looked at a previous ct scan from less than 10 months ago, I also had swollen lymph nodes on that one too. I seen my Dr yesterday and he drew labs looking for Lymphoma or any other blood disease he said.  I am very scared & very nervous... I am a 32 year old female and my cousin was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma years ago at 32 or 33 and died within 6 weeks.  I know it won't be too long before the labs come back but I am panicking....  I would appreciate any input...
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