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I’m not old. Just older

Posted Jun 22 2011 7:10pm

31. I am now the old age of 31. It’s not a special year, not a milestone like 21 or even 30. I didn’t have a massive party or share the date with some other life changing event. I don’t even share the date with Jon Bonjovi; but for me it was one of my best Birthdays ever, simply because it happened. I made it.

12 months ago things were very different. I was at, arguably, the lowest part of my treatment. The BEACOPP had well and truly kicked in, I felt like hell and there wasn’t even an end in site as I had 6 weeks to go. I didn’t know if the treatment was working. I honestly couldn’t be sure I would make it to 31.

What a difference a year makes then? I feel fantastic, I have a *naughty* baby (who is secretly a cutie). I am back in work in the office full-time and we even managed a holiday to Wales (see Eve’s Facebook Album) and although I still can’t say I am in remission, I edge ever closer to that dream, in fact I find it hard to not just blurt out the word when people ask how I am (more on that another time)

Just add hair and ale

I had a modest celebration with my family to mark the occasion, exactly as it should be, curry and ale in Donny (plus a first class Dad roast dinner), a great spread of ‘posh’ sandwiches (hand carved meats – thanks Pat) in Liverpool and next weekend a BBQ with the gang. What more could I ask for?

So thanks to all for the cards, the gifts and the sentiments. Thanks to my wife for another year of excessive spending on gifts (next time you see me, ask me what the time is). Oh and thanks to Emily for my first ever gifts from you (I wonder how you got the money together):

Stop! Thief!

I don’t want anyone to be sad reading this, thinking about how hard it must be to have to face your own mortality at such a young age. I simply want you to all make sure you celebrate with me!

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