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DEATH OF WILLY BURGDORFER 17 NOVEMBER 2014 - SCIENCE NEEDS TO HEED HIS WISE WORDS by Joanne60 Willy Burgdorfer was an American scientist born and educated in Basel, Switzerland, considered an international leader in the field of medical entomology. He discover ... Read on »
HE CARRIED US by trust358 in september 2009, parker (aka sparky) came home from his first day of school feeling sick. within 6 weeks, he was in a wheelchair. i vividly remember that litt ... Read on »
ZHANG ON THE HUNT FOR BETTER ANTIBIOTICS TO TREAT CHRONIC PERSISTENT LYME DISEASE by Joanne60 Abstract Lyme disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi is the most common tick-bo ... Read on »
THIS IS MY BRAVE by trust358 once upon a time, i used to write a blog and then P.A.N.D.A.S came to town and shut it down P.A.N.D.A.S turned my world upside down it hijacked my brain ... Read on »
PROF JUDITH MIKLOSSY DISCUSSES LYME BORRELIOSIS AND ALZHEIMER'S @ NORVECT CONFERENCE 2014 by Joanne60 Prof. Judith Miklossy held a very interesting presentation at the NorVect Conference 2014. In particular she looked at the connection between Lyme disease a ... Read on »
BORRELIOSIS - LYME DISEASE'S KNOWN INVOLVEMENT WITH MENTAL HEALTH by Joanne60 Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) and its known involvement with Mental health by Denise Longman Scientists and physicians across the world have discovered that the growin ... Read on »
CHRONIC ILLNESS FOLLOWING TICK BITE - LYME DISEASE? by Joanne60 Many people have the experience of falling into a chronic illness following a known Tick Bite/s although Only 40-50% of patients can recall a tick bite. (1) Not eve ... Read on »
Happy #Friday �� Whenever I can I try to start my day on the mat,... by carmelakb Happy #Friday \uD83C\uDF8A Whenever I can I try to start my day on the mat, whether it be #Yoga or #Pilates. I feel so much stronger, calm and balanced since I began ... Read on »
Yesterday I posted a #TBT on a Wednesday, #BrainFog at its... by carmelakb Yesterday I posted a #TBT on a Wednesday, #BrainFog at its finest ☁️ So now that it’s actually Thursday \uD83D\uDC47\uD83D\uDC47 My med box when I first began the tran ... Read on »
#TBT 3 years ago, my second summer on IV antibiotics ��... by carmelakb #TBT 3 years ago, my second summer on IV antibiotics \uD83D\uDC89 #BetterDaysHaveCome #KeepFighting #Lyme #IV #ChronicLymeDisease #Treatment #Antibiotics Read on »