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Yeast Gone Wild Part II

Posted Jul 09 2009 5:08pm
When I wrote the post about the yeast gone wild, I did not go into what else I was doing to fight yeast. Brain fog... So, I wanted to add a few other bits of info.

First of all I did not know that a NAET treatment would kill off yeast the way it has. I think I will be having her also treat the Lyme and coinfections more too. NAET will be part of my healing plan.

I also use probiotics on a daily basis. Actually I take double the recommended dose to counteract the antibiotics being constantly in my body. I also use two different herbal yeast remedies... Phytostan and Yeast Formula. I used to eat A LOT of yogurt, but I can no longer tolerate it. I ate organic yogurt with 10 different probiotics in it. Organic Keifer is good too!
Some people take diflucan or nystatin, both of which my body rejected.

Jozephine mentioned to me the yeast free diet and that is very important too. Our LLMD says 2 serviings of fruit a day...1/2 banana.....1 small apple, etc. NO sugars of any kind and no simple carbs which turn into sugar in your body and feed the yeast. As a warning, our LLMD told Joel she had one man who would not follow the yeast free diet and ended up unable to work for 18 mo. due to systemic yeast throughout his body. It is serious stuff.

I am already feeling less "yeasty" so that is good. Just like the musical, "Oz" I am " movin' on down ..... movin' on down the road" believing that yeast is no longer wild, but being tamed as I write.
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