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With Lyme Disease, has anyone experience chronic burping, nausea, and heavy pressure in their esophagus?

Posted by paschalltwin

In 2006, I began experiencing chronic burping that would occur every ten minutes and would last up to a month and half. It happened once in 2006, then twice in 2008. In Nov. of 2008, I began to get nauseated with everything I ate. Due to the discomfort, I lost 40 pounds and now way 97 pounds. I continue to experience  chronic burping, severe pressure and discomfort in my stomach and esophagus, etc. I do not experience acid reflux, but my gastric emptying study came back on the borderline of abnormal. I also experience interstitial cystits of the bladder.
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I did while I was taking about 6-7 abx and 20 some supplements. Ended up causing some gastro issues (tests normal) so I stopped everything and dont have those problems anymore....could be the treatments your on if any...
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