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Where Do We Begin

Posted Aug 25 2011 1:02pm
I was reading a recent article by Jody Harris Smith, after the title itself caught my attention.  "Observations About Recovery From CFS"  Recovery?  Hmmmm.....The words below gave me pause and had me nodding my head in agreement.

"Like a person whose home has been destroyed by a natural disaster, we stand (or lay in a stupor) and survey the wreckage, and wonder where to begin."

For people with CFS/ME and Lyme, these natural disasters are often an ongoing occurrence.  How do we begin to restore our lives~ and can we?  The process of recovery is not a straight path, and even the definition of recovery is different for everyone. Jody shares how people with CFS/ME are often afraid to even speak of a plan for recovery as the journey is such a rocky one and our hopes are dashed so often.   Bruce Campbell, who is the founder of the CFS/FM Self Help Programs, feels he has recovered, but still needs to pace himself and stay within his energy envelopes.  Even though he can go on long hikes for miles and miles, he must rest and stay on top of how he is feeling. 

Is there a chance of recovery for people with CFS/ME?  I think asking that question, you could get as many responses as there are people!  I do know that there are things we can do to manage and adapt to living with ME/CFS.  Living our best life within our limitations and for those who can, moving those limits out with support from such things as medications, supplements, pacing, and learning to stay within our energy envelopes.

Recently members of my email support group with Bruce Campbell's program shared the recent videos by Dr. Nancy Klimas on how to exercise without having post exercise malaise.  Being de-conditioned to the extent that I am has made things worse for me I believe.  I have been afraid to exercise.  After watching these videos and reading all the info from my support group, Joel and I plan to follow this program and see what comes from it.  We are cautiously hopeful.... You can watch the videos at ME-CFS Community .  There is some valuable information found in the 5 short videos, and the man who runs this support site has made them available to everyone, whiles sharing his own journey with severe ME/CFS.

Hope you find them helpful too. They are worth watching!
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