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What should I expect from a Lymes Specialist for treatment and why did my autoantibodies results come back as negetive for Lymes

Posted by harley21

I was diagnosed with Lymes by my Natropathic Doctor and decided to have my primary care doctor perscrible me with antibiotics because I did not want to wait 2 weeks to get in with their Lymes specialist to see what they would recommend. My primary doctor asked to see the Natopathic doctors tests confiming that I positivly had Lymes, so I had them sent to her. When she got them she stated that she would perscribe me antibotics for 21 days, but that she wanted me to come in to have them test me for Lymes "their-way" (which meant checking the autoantibodies). Well, I started taking the antibotics that she perscribed, and as promised went in for "their-test" to confirm the diagnosis. I was shocked when the lab work came back to say that I did not test positive for Lymes! However, meanwhile, I feel so exhausted that I can no longer work-out, run on the treadmill, stay awake for very long, my knees are swollen and very sore! I feel exhausted all the time! Its the worst in the morning ~ i'm stiff and can bearly walk. I will  be seeing the Lymes specialist that my natropathic Dr. referred me to on the 20th. However the Lymes Dr will not be covered by my insurance and I will be paying out of pocket. Does any one know what I should expect from this Lymes specialist?...what is their usual approach for treatment?...should I expect the treatment to be really expensive?

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I had two Lyme tests done by my GP and both came back negative. I didn't really trust the results because they were far from definitive. I finally went to a Lyme Literate Doctor and today, she told me I tested positive. I start the antibiotics, tomorrow.

Due to the scrutiny from the medical community, most Lyme Doc's wont except insurance for many of the procedures, thus you and I are looking at a pretty costly diagnosis/treatment. However, if it works, i'll gladly pay it. For me getting rid of this, is priceless.

Your Lyme Doc should do a thorough study of all your medical records and will discuss, in detail the problems your experiencing. I found my Lyme Doc to be far more thorough than any GP i've ever been to. 

Hope that helps a bit. It's pretty new to me too. 

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