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What's for dinner - Mexican Stew

Posted Jan 21 2013 9:42pm
We have a family joke that I like Mexican Stew but not chili.  See, when I was a kid I didn't really like chili.  After proclaiming one day before dinner, "But I don't like chili!" my step-father exclaimed in exasperation, "It's not chili, it's Mexican Stew!"  Whether it was really in my mind or if I just was willing to try it & had different taste buds that way, I liked it.  So, I've been eating Mexican Stew ever since.  While there's nothing Mexican at all about this -- in fact Texas Stew is a much better nomer -- the name stuck and we'v been calling it that ever since.

Fast forward 30+ years ...  My husband has been asking for chili the past few days since it's been unusually cold here - even for winter!

{side bar: unusually cold is relative.  Anything below 50 degrees F is cold in California!  It's been down in the 20's at night (& I thought it never froze in Cali), 30's when I drop Monkey off at preschool, and low 50's during the day.}

So I decide to indulge him.  Now my family has a tried & true Texas Stew recipe that takes all day to make.  And it is de-lish ...   but this was a 4:00pm decision to make chili today and my husband, a true Californian, likes beans in his chili -- you should know that real chili doesn't have beans!  (To read about real Texas chili you must visit The Homesick Texan and her posts on Texas Chili - How To Make A Pot Of Texas Red - Part 1 , How To Make A Pot Of Texas Red - Part 2 , and A More Precise Texas Chili Recipe .)

Maybe one day I'll post my family's recipe for you, but today I found this quick & easy chili , with beans, on PW (I seem to be on a  Pioneer Woman  streak lately) so I decided to try it.  Hubby said it hit the spot!  Even the kids liked it -- so much that there weren't any leftover.  Now that's good eatin'.
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