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What is Herxing?

Posted Feb 15 2011 11:16am
I have had a couple of people ask me this week what "herxing" is.  I sometimes forget that not everyone is familiar with Lyme Disease terms...or ME/CFS terms for that matter.  I have started a list to the right and will add to it when necessary.

Herxing is the short term for Jarish-Herxheimer Reactions which occur when there is die-off of Lyme or co-infections bacteria(spirochetes), causing the bugs to give off toxins and the immune system to over-react.    I have heard a doctor describe it as "though a bomb drops on the spirochete blowing it into 10 pieces".  Suddenly the body has to fight ten times as hard to eliminate it.  An increase in symptoms or new symptoms appear.   Often the die-off is more disabling than the disease itself until the level of bacteria decreases in your body.  Some people herx all the time they are treating Lyme, others only during reproduction times.

***Both Sue (  Learning To Live With CFS ) and Joanne( Looking At Lyme )let me know that people with ME/CFS who go on anti-virals for such viruses as XMRV also experience herxing!  People with candida/yeast die off also experience herxing. 

Any other questions please let me know and I will try to answer them.
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