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what if i have developed brown discharge after taking azithromycin for chlamydia? is it safe to use a tampon?

Posted by sh3g0tad0nk

should this be happening? i exerienced sever abdominal pain and diarrhea....
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You are either having a reaction to the medication or severe 'Die Off' (when the dying bacteria release toxins into your blood, though this is uncommon with many bacterial infections). I would contact your medical practitioner. If you are having any irritation in that area, do not use a tampon. It will worsen your symptoms. 

 Good luck, 


I'm having the same discharge. I had the azithromycin treatment on Thursday morning (now Saturday night) for Chlamydia. I've been really worried as I didn't have it before. I also got the addominal pain that felt like it was with in my hips/pelvis. And Diarrhea for thursday & friday, which has now gone. Did it eventually go? KT x 
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