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What else to test for in spinal fluid, co-infections etc? Any suggestions?

Posted by apmom

Has anyone had Spinal fluid analysis for lyme by PCR or tested spinal fluid for co-infections?

I have a spinal tap scheduled this week ordered by my neurologist to rule out any other pathologies or infections. 

I already have a positive serum lyme test from Igenx after 3 negative tests from local labs (Quest). I fear the standard spinal fluid testing will be insufficient as the blood labs were and will be screwed up by Quest.  My neurologist has agreed to send the spinal fluid to a specialty lab of our choice in addition to the standard lab analysis.

Igenx only does blood analysis however Clongen and MDL are lyme specialty labs that perform CSF (spinal fluid) testing.  We are planning to do a Lyme PCR at the least but are wondering if we should test for co-infections as well. 

Has anyone had experience or recommendations for testing other co infections or markers in spinal fluid such as Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Babesia etc? Obviously, I'd only like to do this once so would appreciate any suggestions to avoid repeat tests.

FYI I've been on oral antibiotics for about 2-3 weeks with no improvement. I am having some pretty significant neurological symtpoms; seizures, memory loss, confusion, anxiety, so we'd like to get some results ASAP.


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