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what does a positve result on a lyme test mean

Posted by mango67333

my daughter had a baby in mid december she has had numerous physical problems over the last several months, but the c-section was very problematic due to placenta previa and prior damage to her uterus. since then her symtoms have mimicked ms and she has had a cat scan and seen a neroligist..nothing showed up there. after being seen in the er when test were done they did a lyme test. after a week the er dr called and told her she tested positive for lyme disease and she needed to see her dr and be referred to an infectious disease specilist. both her and the 3 week old baby were put on amoxicillin. today she say her dr who told her it was wrong and not to be concerned that the baby did not have to be tested and neither of them need the antibiotics.  she is very concerned because basically all her symtoms were on the list for lyme disease and it was she soen't know what to do. and is scared both for herself and the baby.. could her family practise dr be wrong..what should she do, she has test results but we cant decypher them
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T Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Hi Mango67333,

I would recommend that your daughter be seen by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). These doctors specialize in lyme disease and know how to treat it.

Unfortunately, infectious disease specialists don't understand lyme disease and often downplay it and undertreat it.

You might want to see if there is a local support group for people who have lyme disease and get a referral from them or you can go to   You have to register to post a question. Go to the physical referrall section and ask for a referral. People will send you referrals.

Good luck to you, your daughter,and your grandbaby.

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