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weight 150.5 lbs. I adm ...

Posted Oct 01 2009 2:11pm

weight 150.5 lbs.

I admit I am starting to accept my new way of life.  Us humans have a way to adapting to situations regardless.   You have to figure, we all  have gone through alot of bullshit the older we get to get where we are today.    Each person has their own obstacles and demons to take care of.  Cant keep feeling bad about something, and not trying to do something positive to correct the issue.  The morale is beginning to pick up.  I dont want to say positive, but I feel like a long  journey has been embarked upon, and Im gaining ground.   I even defecated on myself the other and dint even get upset.  Normally, I would throw tempers like a child.

5 months is enough time to prove to oneself that this therapy can be done.  I CAN do this, and I WONT stop until my health is better.  I stress oneself, for a health therapy to eradicate a chronic disease is not to prove anything to to anyone besides yourself.  I am not inspired by others thinking I cannot, Im inspired because I know I can.

My body feels similar to a wilted plant in the garden.  It is craving the necessary nutrients and proper conditions for survival.  It has existed on this earth for 28 years and NEVER had the proper conditions to flourish.  Finally, it is recieving the proper care.   5 months is only a beginning to a complete revival.

wc1 “when my fucking legs heal, ive got alot of asses to kick!”

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