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Week 4 on Jemsek Protocol

Posted Oct 28 2009 11:02pm 1 Comment
Okay so week 4 is a repeat of week 1- that is I do IV Azithromycin and Clindamycin with Mepron and Artemesinin (1000 mg twice daily) on M,W, and F.

After being off antibiotics for one week I started to get some symptoms back- some sweats, joint pain and more fatigue. I was actually looking forward to restarting antibiotics. Not sure if it was my imagination but felt more energy first few days on Clindamycin. I am also enjoying the relaxing effects of IV Azithromycin.

I am tolerating this regimen really well. I do get nausea if I have an empty stomach- so on M,W and F morning I am careful to eat a full breakfast before infusing (this is also good as I have to doing the ghastly Mepron with fatty meal).

Days off antibiotics I do the Lactated Ringers which takes about 3 1/2 hours to go in. I have started waking up early to start the infusion and going back to sleep so that it is in by 9 to 10 am. On the days that I do this I also do infrared sauna.

I haven't changed doses of Lyrica (100 mg at bedtime) or Lamictal (75 mg at bedtime)

Hard to know what is working but I continue to do very well i.e. stable moods, sense of humour is back, less sweats, and able to do more "normal" things and tolerate socializing better. I still mainly like to be alone and need a LOT of rest. Not able to think clearly like the doc I was - but one day I can see that will return.
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HI there. I really like the protocol your on and I am doing similar treatments and techniques.
I was wondering if you your doctor discussed why he choose to pulse using M W F as opposed to 3 days on and 4 days off?

I have heard hitting it harder with a little more dosing for 3 days is more effective than every day of the week.

Of course the larger picture of pulsing adding in flagyl every so often for bursts and changing the combos every 4 to 6 weeks or so I think are important.

I jsut have not sorted out whether M W F has some sort of reasoning different than 3 day on and 4 days off or is it better for some reason?

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