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Posted May 04 2010 4:50pm
Now that I'm done with all my long medical tests (fingers crossed) once I recover I feel like I'll have space to start blogging regularly again as well as catch up with emails. I do think the focus of my blog may shift a bit in the next few months as a result of a sort of spiritual awakening that seems to be occurring. I've been focusing on deepening my spirituality and it's helping. A change is occurring but it takes a daily commitment to keep it alive.

I'm still very much crashed from going to San Francisco for another medical test last Friday. We were at the hospital for most of the day last Friday as well as a week ago Friday. I'll get the results of the brain Spect scan in the next few weeks and the results of the bone scan this week hopefully.

Although the HIDA scan was essentially normal my reaction to the CCK injection was not which apparently indicates some sort of functional problem with the gallbladder. I'm thinking the combination of gallbladder problems combined with the pain of gastritis is what led to the weight loss. I had stopped losing weight but am now losing weight again so we'll see.

I started Cheney's stem cell protocol Friday evening after all my supplements and the cell-signaling factors arrived. I have already noticed some improvement. Because of all the activity from all the medical tests plus a trip to the podiatrist yesterday I should be doing much worse but I'm not. I'm actually doing a tiny bit better than I was prior to beginning the protocol.

I decided to stop the simplified methylation protocol last week. After being on it for almost two years and having no improvement I decided to stop to see what happens. So far so good.

The biggest news is that I won my SSDI hearing! I got the news yesterday and broke down crying from relief after I saw the approval letter. I'm still in shock (a good shock) but incredibly relieved. It has been a huge stressor for the past two years since I applied. I'm hoping I'll receive my first check in June or July. Medicare will start in June. I'm happy that my life has moved on from the financial limbo I was in.

Still no xmrv news. It's been almost 7 months now since my blood went to WPI. I have to admit that I'm beginning to feel pretty frustrated that it is taking this long. I'm delaying some medical treatments pending the outcome of my xmrv test. Once I start getting ssdi I'll make another donation to the WPI but only if I have my test results, lol. In all seriousness they do need donations.

I'm being very protective of my energy levels so I'm going to stop here. If I don't write before Mother's Day, I wish everyone a Mother's Day filled with peace, light, and healing....
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