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Update on Morning Routine & MidYear Resoluations

Posted Sep 01 2009 5:44pm
So, I'm getting myself into a bit of a routine ... still needs some tweaking, but I'm getting there :) I'm lucky that my husband gets littleA up most mornings, plays with him & feeds him breakfast, which frees me up a little in the morning. I've even incorporated one of my resolutions into my morning routine! It goes something like this:
  • Get up, drink a glass of water (I put it by the bed at night so that it will be there), take Rifampin (must be taken on an empty stomach 1 hour before food!)
  • Go to the toilet, wash my face (resolution! resolution!, brush my teeth
  • Head to the kitchen/living room - say good morning to hubby and littleA
  • Make coffee
  • Sit, enjoy coffee, watch littleA play, visit with hubby and generally hatch.
After that it gets fuzzy -- still don't have a routine down for eating breakfast and taking my other meds; it's a little haphazard, but I think that with the first part down I can get a schedule for the rest of it, too :)
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