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Two year old suffering from a tick bite??

Posted by ladygemstone

scalp rash and two swollen lymph nodes on left side behind left ear

I think my two year old son may have been bit by a tick but I'm not sure. Swollen nodes are very hard, don't move and are not sensitive to touch. He had a red dot on top of head that was red inside and and outer layers were pink, dr. said it was ringworm gave me a cream and said it would be ok. Now he has two more dry itchy red patches on his scalp no where near the first one and now the two swollen lumps that are about size of a dime. Can anyone help me out with this?
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drs across the US receive only 1-2 hrs of training on lyme disease (borellia bergdorferi.)  Many physicians knowledge therefore have inadequate knowledge to treat Lyme effectively let alone make a diagnosis of lyme especially if it is in a chronic state of infection.  Joseph Burrascano, MD, the Co-founder of the International Lyme & associated Disease Association is very credible and trained under the discoverer of Lyme in 1981, in Lyme Co, Connecticut, Dr Willie Bergdorferi.  Dr Burrascano has incredible knowledge on the subject.  As far as I know he left private practice about 5-6 yrs ago and wnet into research to further the ongoing battle against the most prevalent infectious disease that is vector borne (lyme) as reprted by CDC in approx 2002.
My daughter had lymes.  First two visits the doctor never tested her for it, acted like i was over reacting.  3rd visit  finally  and a different doc.  along with my daughter having high fever and bulls eye rings around her whole body...that they finally tested in which she was found to have it.   Come to find out the nurse had told that first doc but he wouldn't listen to her. She had to be on doxacycline I believe it was, for over a month.  There are sights if you look on google whereyou can see pictures of ring worm, or pictures of lymes disease which might be of help.  Just know that sometime's you have to test 2-3 times.  Best of luck and I hope you have a  better doc than i did...
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