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Trying to keep it together

Posted Mar 14 2013 7:23pm

I’ve learned this week that lyme can turn a great day around pretty quick. My life is on such a day to day basis, sometimes hour to hour… it’s crazy! The last two-ish days have been filled with lots of tears and really really really wishing I could go to a hospital without getting recommended to some therapist or called crazy. Anyway, I didn’t end up at the hospital but have been battling fevers, no sleep, a killer headache, back pain, and spinal nerve spasms. Oh, and I don’t have anything to take for all that except advil which makes me puke. That being said, the next person that says I abuse pain killers is gonna get slapped across the face because I know the second any of them were screaming in that much pain they would head straight to the ER (for pain meds). Meanwhile, trying to hold off ending up in the ER is a lot harder than you would think, lots of saunas, weird herbal supplements, lemon water, and swearing (my mom doesn’t like that last one).

On another note: the Minnesota health department called my house since I tested positive for Lyme. They asked where I live, how long I think I’ve had it (since 2009), how many doctors I saw before I was diagnosed (40+), if I have been hospitalized more than 7 times (duh) and some other question about what I am using to treat lyme. The lady on the other end of the phone was super nice and didn’t seem surprised with any of the information I told her. I asked her what they do with the information and she said they just track/recored all the information. I asked if the info will lead to changes in how lyme is treated or anything. She said they can’t do anything with the info as far as changes, thats up to the pharmaceutical companies if they decide to start making the vaccine again. *Merh.* Guess my life isn’t profitable enough for the pharmaceutical companies…..

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