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Posted Feb 05 2010 4:42pm

A setbackYesterday, I was diagnosed with a rare, parasitic brain infection known as Toxoplasmosis. It is passed through the fecal matter of a cat and I happen to have three of them. It only happens to those with a severely compromised immune system. My doctor looked at me and said, "I only found this through my neurosis." I am glad she did, though I also feel regretful of the diagnosis. I felt so close to my goal. I had been taking Zythromycin, Bactrem, and a full dose of Tindamax. However, this new development may be easier to treat on the short term. It is not another Bartonella, thank God.

I am now off antibiotics (which is frustrating but must be done) and taking two anti-parasite treatments that also treat the Borrelia bacteria (Lyme). I feel tired of this charade, regretful of the diagnosis I received. Here is the conclusion I have come to
Treatment can change illness of the body, not a diagnosis. It doesn't matter what you call it, it only matters how it is treated. I have another infection that has been causing jaundice, muscle pains, emotional instability, and cognitive issues. I have no idea how long treatment will last, though I am guessing up to one month. With an immune system like mine, who really knows. My doctor said, "I have to revert to using books with you!" There is a part of me that likes being a challenge, though I wish I didn't have to martyr myself to do it.

I most likely contracted the illness by kissing one of my cat's on the head, of which had just been licked with saliva containing feces. Otherwise, it is anyone's guess.

This is my current motto: I just have to make some decisions and bear the consequence.

Today, I had acupuncture for the second time. It was far more painful than the last. I am searching for alternative therapies to pain killers and will write a lengthy post about them in the near future.

Toodles needlers,
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