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"Tomorrow Could Be A Better Day"

Posted Jun 08 2010 12:00am
Yesterday, Monday, June 7, was one of the hardest days I have had in weeks. I didn't feel well, and on top of that, I was emotional and frustrated. I took a look back to see at what point my day took a turn; there must have been a hill around the corner because as soon as I made that sharp turn, I began rolling right into a dark pit I couldn't seem to climb out of.

I believe this sharp turn came when I was asked  what my special plans were for the summer and where I may be traveling.. My response -- "Oh, just following through with treatment this summer, unable to travel. Then, the individual, not meaning to be unemphatic, asked, "If you could travel, where would you want to go?" My response--"Anywhere! I would want to go anywhere." Wow, if that didn't put me in a mood!

Others do not (and can't) understand the restraints Lyme puts on their victims. When they talk about how wonderful their life is going, how they are taking trips and going out with friends, and even how they are able to exercise, it just makes those of us infected with this disease desire our lives back as well as the person we used to be.

It was a sad day, but today is better. Thank you, Lord, for a better day, a brighter day, where my thoughts are clearer, and my temperment is stable. When these days come, the better ones, you can't do anything but hope for even a better day tomorrow--tomorrow could be a better day!
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