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'ticked off'

Posted Oct 03 2011 1:31pm

i previously posted a picture of the bulls-eye rash i found on myself last wednesday night just hours after i pried out a tick from a swollen, red bump on my leg with a tweezer. for someone who has such an in depth knowledge about this stuff, you think i would have initially realized i was pulling out a tick and not pulling out a scab. probably because i didn’t expect to get bit and considering i already have Lyme disease and a few of it’s unfriendly co-infections, it didn’t even seem like a possibility to me.

the next morning i called up my LLMD, worried and concerned we pulled the plug on all my medication in exchange for the typical Lyme disease treatment- doxycycline. an immediate appointment was required, so on friday when i finished class i drove straight home. i explained the story and a conclusion was met.

what was in my leg was a tick, just days after the bite it swelled due to the tick’s absorption of blood, and because it was an infected bug i developed the bulls-eye rash as the tell-tale symptom of Lyme disease. after experiencing only 2 or 3 migraines in a period of the last 3 weeks (compared to 5/6 per week), it was unusual that they had returned over the past 2 days. accompanied with increased fatigue, more swollen lymph nodes, a fever and an overall sluggish feeling of being sick- it was evident that i had a brand new infection, the typical understood Lyme disease that everyone accepts as a real disease. 

i contracted Lyme disesase for the second time. for the next 3 weeks the main focus of my treatment is to kill the new infection, so only doxyclyine is administered and my chronic infection and co-infections are being put on the back burner. i have no doubt that my new infection will clear up, but i’m very worried that this 3 week period of intense reduction of medication is going to cause yet another relapse.

all i can think of is what are the chances? of all the ticks, of all the people. there’s no doubt i’m scared, more now than i was a week or two ago. but it’s now that i need to be most focused on relaxing, being happy and not overworking myself. i’m not exactly sure why i’ve been handed another set back, or why i can’t seem to catch a break with this disease but i take it as it comes, just has i have been over the past 6 years.

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