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Tick bite

Posted by melo314

I was bit by a tick on a Saturday morning around 11am and didn't realize the tick on my body until Sunday night around 11pm (approx 36 hours). My fiancee noticed it on back and before I could look at it she ripped it from me. It was stuck to me like a skin tag. When she showed it to me I realized that it was a small tick. It was also dead and seamed a little drained. Does this have any significance? I would think being on me for so long that it would be fat and full of my blood?

Today, Friday morning I noticed a quater size rash above the bite. Not a bullseye ring like the pictures I have seen online. Is this how it starts and then forms into a full ring?

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T Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Hi Melo314-

I would take a picture of the rash. I would also make an appointment with a doctor who is familiar with lyme disease. This is something you want to take care of right away. It's good you have caught this early.

Good luck with treatment!

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