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Posted Oct 15 2013 11:36pm

As I may have mentioned in a prior post, I am beginning a new Project-Obsession gently called
The Veggie Project

This opus is a genuine plea to my inner self, to listen to my core's yearning for less ignorance and walled knowledge. This is my journey into ovo-vegetarianism. Wish me luck.

Why ovo-vegetarian, why now, why with Lyme Disease?
At 16, I was a vegetarian for one year. I have desired a reversion to vegetarianism since that point, feeling my Lyme required an omnivorous diet and receiving applause from a two of my naturopaths for doing so. Over the course of these years, I refused meat aside from free range, thinking this a better alternative than the non-alternative meat sources. Since then, I have educated myself about the lack of ethics surrounding both mainstream slaughterhouses as well as free range and farm raised meats. These issues aside, whether the animal is "ethically" treated or not, I don't think its alright to kill animals when it isn't necessary (and, well, its not). However, I am not speaking for the Lyme populace- we are all quite different beings in our symptom upheaval. No, I am speaking for my Lyme.

In this series of blog posts which I will entitle The Veggie Project [...], I will visit the concept of vegetarianism in our culture, through our disease. I will speak with doctors, naturopaths, nurses, nutritionists, and vegetarian chefs. I will provide solid recipes that I have attempted in which remain dairy free (save a small amount of goat dairy), sugar free, gluten free, mostly soy free, and of course meat free.

P.S. What is an Ovo-Vegetarian anyway?
Answer: A creature who eats a meatless and dairy free diet, save eggs. Thus, the ovo.
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