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"The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments" by Byran Rosner

Posted Jan 16 2009 3:25pm

My Review: Bryan Rosner contacted me and asked if I would be willing to read his book and do an "honest review" here on my blog. I was more than willing to do so and feel privileged to have been asked. My review follows.

These words are written on the first page of Rosner's book:
A Battle To Fight:

Conventional medicine alone is not enough. Alternative medicine alone is not enough. The Lyme Disease infection is just too stubborn, resilient, and survival-driven.

Together, as a team, conventional and alternative medicine have a chance. Fighting Lyme Disease requires that we draw from all available resources ~ our very survival depends on it.
Healing from Lyme Disease is an intense battle, not a casual undertaking. When treated casually, healing stagnates. When attacked with vigor and determination, armed with information and strategy, healing progresses and excels. Let us remember that healing Lyme Disease is a battle~~ and let us fight strongly, with unwavering resolve."

Bryan Rosner’s book, "The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments", was written to help those who are living with Lyme Disease. He offers readers some of the best updated material available for both conventional and alternative treatments. His extensive research has been used to write a book that he hopes will give Lyme sufferers the information they need to build a comprehensive treatment plan to eradicate Lyme.

The book is written in 2 sections. Part one includes the top 5 treatment protocols available to those with Lyme Disease and Part 2 informs readers about the 5 supportive supplements necessary in treating Lyme. The book is written very clearly and is reader friendly. Even the most technical information is explained in detail and in language that we can all understand.

I learned a great deal while reading Bryan’s book. I was especially interested in the “alternative” protocols used for killing Lyme and supporting the body. I had heard vaguely about some of the options available, but this book provided more extensive information based on Rosner’s research and the information he gathered from Lyme patients, including himself, who have used such protocols as the Rife machine therapy, Mangosteen juice, and salt/Vitamin C therapy to kill the Lyme bacteria. Each is presented thoroughly to give the reader what they need to make the choices that would be best for them. The author believes that the Marshall Protocol and Rife Machine Therapy are the best of what is available, but he often states that each person has to decide what is best for him/herself and that the Lyme patients and their doctors need to make these decisions together. In other words, we need to be as educated as possible on how to fight this terrible disease, and be in charge of our own treatment plan with the support of our medical team.

I also learned more about such helpful supplemental treatments as Magnesium and CoQ10. I am already using these supplements at my doctor’s recommendation, but the detailed explanations that were provided as to WHY, made things much more real for me in my battle with Lyme.

Bryan, who has defeated Lyme disease, wrote this book with great detail and it is obvious that he spent a great deal of time to insure that he is giving his readers information that is not only educational, but helpful for those making choices on how to seek the best treatments for health and healing. The Top Ten Lyme Disease Treatments is a good resource and provides the tools needed for those fighting Lyme Disease. I recommend you add it to your arsenal.

Bryan Rosner has a web site that can provide you with extensive information to help those of us who are battling Lyme Disease and its co-infections. He has authored two books on the subject. You can find all the Lyme Disease educational resources he provides

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