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The Object of my Affection (In Venus Retrograde)

Posted Oct 15 2010 10:18am
The object of my affection

(In Venus Retrograde)

The old woman, dressed in black and grey tones, enwrapped her in long scarf, with which she hid her face, sat in the bench. She was throwing corn to feed the pigeons. Others in the square avoided her gaze and her presence altogether. A couple went past her and stopped.
“Look, it’s that woman again. She is here, day in and day out, feeding the pigeons.” The girl pointed out.
“Really, I never noticed it. Except for the pigeons, they are nuisance.” The boy said. “It’s hard to miss her. She is quite the character. I always wondered about her, everything that she must have been through. To lead her here, I mean.” “One word, a loser.” “How can you even say that? I am sure she is lonely, but if you look at her now she actually seems happy. You can see her smile every time they come back to her for more. Besides she could have this whole other life.“ “Oh this is just so typical of you Jen. Romanticizing any given hopeless situation.” “What do you mean, Ryan? “ “Open your eyes Jen, You are naïve at times.” Jen stared back at Ryan, trying to find the words. Damn, why is it that every time she was put on the spot she could not think of any.  She would find plenty the day later. So she walked away from Ryan, the pigeon lady and the Square. “Jen, wait. I didn’t mean to be.” Ryan said following her. “To be so condescending and completely insensitive.” “I like you Jen, sorry” “Really, you like me Ryan? Is that your answer? Fine then answer me this. Why are you even with me?” “Well, I think you are great. You make me feel good about myself.” “You could have fooled me Ryan. You belittle me, you never take me serious.” “That’s not true. But you have to be honest that this incident in the square.” “It’s what, ridiculous? You know what Ryan. I am going to apologize here. I was wrong about you, I was wrong about me.” Jen touched his face and patted him on the back. “This is me, with all my quirks and imperfections.  I need someone that gets me, Ryan. You and I are on completely different wavelengths. “ “Now, Jen don’t do anything irrational” “See, this is exactly what I mean. I call it a wake up call. It’s not your fault Ryan.  We all take the next step because society, parents and even damned films tell us to. You thought I was just this perfectly well adjusted and conformed human being. That’s what everyone expects.” “Is that so much to ask?” “That’s not me Ryan. I want more out of this life. I want magic and I want to share it with someone who gets me. Someone who may not always understand but never hesitates to give me another try. And I am prepared to wait.” “You are going to regret this Jen. You probably won’t find anyone as patient and tolerant and one that loves you.” Ryan said holding out to her.  “That’s just it Ryan, I am at the end of the day the object of your affection. But love should not be  effort.” Jen kissed him on the cheek and then pulled away. “ Isn’t it about time we be honest with ourselves?” 
The End
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