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The Hearing

Posted Apr 13 2010 11:44am
I don't know how coherent this post will be. I'm wiped out. The judge did not make a ruling today but I'm hoping that he will rule in my favor. If not, as my attorney said, we will win on appeal.

When the judge started questioning me about "chronic fatigue" I could sense that he was not a believer in this diagnosis and got nervous thinking he would rule against me. His disbelief was communicated in his voice. My cognitive difficulties were very apparent and several times found myself forgetting what his question was so I asked him to repeat it and commented that I had forgotten what the question was.

He brought up the neuropsych testing done by one of their SSDI psychologists and stated "you seemed fine during that session" even though the testing showed a 30 point drop in IQ scores.

He asked the vocational expert what sort of job I could do and she came up with "plastics inspector." Then he said "if someone needed to lay down at will would they be eligible for any work" to which she replied "no." Then "if someone can only leave the house once every 3 weeks is there any full-time work they would be eligible for" and she said "no."

The judge stated he believed my testimony and that it was consistent with written testimony provided by my family as well as my doctor's testimony so I took that as a good sign but one never knows. He is a new judge and goes by the book so my lawyer couldn't get a read on a certain win but he said it went about as well as expected.

It was emotional. I'm glad it's over. I feel exhausted and numb. Now I have to get through the 2 hour HIDA scan test this Thursday and then the 2 hour brain Spect Scan a week from Friday.

I wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone's support and prayers. I could feel them....

More later on in the week...
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