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Tastes of Summer!

Posted Aug 10 2011 5:35pm
I love summer fruit.  We've been buying flats of strawberries on the street corner for $10.  Oh the things you make with delicious sweet strawberries! These babies taste to good there is no need for sugar - we eat most of them straight out of the box (after a good wash, of course).  However, I did do some recipe searching.

First up - Ice Cream!
Found this recipe online.  Made it the first time exactly as posted, then began to experiment.  Except for the first step macerating the strawberries, I replaced the remaining sugar with agave nectar for the sugar.  No problems there - would just recommend cutting down the amount slightly since agave is sweeter than sugar.
Strawberry Ice Cream Like Ben  and Jerry's. Photo by Columbus Foodie
Then I replaced the cream with 2% condensed milk.  Worked amazingly well, except I think I'll try it again using one cup plain Greek yogurt for a little more creaminess & some added nutrition (protein/probiotics).  Hubby and LittleA seem to like it no matter how I make it.  Next I think I'll try with peaches (yummm).

I saw these posted on facebook and just had to try the strawberry-citrus cocktail since we had so many strawberries on hand.  Seriously, it tastes like summer in a glass!  I wasn't sure I'd like the mint & strawberry mixture but it was divine.  If you're one of the many chronics who doesn't tolerate alcohol, I think it would be equally summer delicious muddling the mint & strawberries & adding club soda or sparkling water in place of the vodka with a splash of orange juice for the citrus flavor.

Next Up: strawberry oat muffins (modified gluten-free, of course)
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