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Posted Jul 15 2009 8:07pm
The media and government hysteria over the Swine Flu...if there is such a very disturbing. The drug manufacturers(vaccines included) are intertwined with the government. We need to be questioning the purposes of the coming vaccine campaign. Will the vaccine be voluntary or mandatory?? Be careful in that the first round of vaccines may appear harmless to gain people's trust and there has been a rumor (we each have to weigh the situtation for ourselves) that the second round may not be so harmless. Please watch the Sixty Minutes video below which exposes the first "swine flu" campaign back in the 70s. It's unbelievable that we are buying into the lies. People must research the history of vaccine promotion, the ingredients in vaccines, and the detrimental side effects....which include neurological disease and death, before they ever allow themselves or their children to be injected with these foreign substances.
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