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Posted May 01 2013 1:55pm
Currently, I am far above my head. Over the past year (two days ago I turned 23) I have been struggling to a different capacity than those prior. I have been pushing to regain my life.

My doctor has informed me that Lyme Disease is no longer the predominant issue which makes me wonder- why am I still in so much pain and why am I still Bipolar/OCD/Psychotic?

The answer is habit. A sick brain continues to act like a sick brain unless corrected. My doctor has found a new treatment for this. It is much like biofeedback for the brain- completely without side effects or toxicity. I start the treatments today. I must enter the clinic every working day for the next month to continue with it. Quite a commitment, but if it works- great.

Here is a list of all the issues I have been working with on an acute level
1)The parasites are back. They are rashing my thighs and chest and impeding my breath due to occupation there. The last time I treated these pests seriously I became psychotic, metals were released in my brain, and the physical debilitation/pain was great. This isn't garden variety folks.

2) Two months ago, I had a device called a dental splint put in my mouth in order to shift the bones in my jaw and open up pathways to my brain due oxygen and blood. I had no notion of what was to come those first weeks. The appliance released not only toxins and metals held in my jaw and brain but also memories and emotional issues I held there. It was as if I were 16 again and had no control of anything about myself. I locked myself in a room for a week and a half- barely eating and sleeping and not even seeing a soul for its duration. The emotional turmoil rivaled the incident to summers ago. As of now, much of the emotional dysfunction has passed, though the detox is intensive. Tis specific detox must be kept up with. If I miss a week, it feels as I have drunk poison. In order to treat said detox, I take in two coffee enemas a week (no more as it will create issues with the liver) and attempt to sauna every day, sometimes dry brush. The alternate component to this ordeal is the dental specialist I see is three hours and one ferry ride away. Lately, I have been traversing the trek every two weeks and staying the night. Soon, this will die down but for noe, at least I get to leave my current circumstance.

3) Another aspect of the dental splint is the need for coalescing bodily alignment. I am working with two main specialists for this. The first is a standard chiropractor, who has urged me to stop wearing heels for this acute period. I have. The next is someone a little unorthodox. He is a cranio specialist who shifts the cranial bones and bones within the body using pressure points on the skull. It is earth shatteringly amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a largely quick process that only takes a few sessions to see massive results. This however shifts the splint in my mouth drastically and calls for another visit to my specialist dentist.

4) Zyprexa, my current anti psychotic is giving me hell. About three months ago,, I started to gain weight rapidly to the point where'd I am now 50 pounds above my goal weight. It makes me feel so drastically ashamed that I have barely been leaving the house. I am filled with water weight to the point where I look pregnant and my feet don't fit in my shoes. This drug is also beginning to cause rancid physical pain and make me feel lethargic and fatigued. I have decided now to switch to Abilify. Though, as many of you may well know, altering psych medication is no park walk. Still, I began the shift yesterday. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

5) I am still detoxing from Oxycodone. I have four pills left and have put detox on pause for the sake of sanity.

I have been keeping my head because I am not fully committed to anything on this list. If it works, it works.

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