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Slaying Lyme Disease Fatigue- Absorbing Toxins

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:02pm

Lyme Fatigue STINKS!

Probably one of the worst symptoms of Lyme Disease is that “dead” feeling, the constant fatigue which can make getting through each day a real hassle. There are many reasons why fatigue is present.

Even with people who are Lyme-Free (should I say those few who are probably left Lyme-Free for now) can have fatigue. Fatigue is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. It all goes along with the increase of autoimmune illnesses. I think fatigue is basically a combination of your body fighting hard to detox nasty substances, the immune system being suppressed (by invaders or by other means), lifestyle not quite right, and nutrient deficiencies.

Today I went for a run and I raced to the grocery store because I had a “hankering” for LIVER. I bought some calf liver (Yeah, I think VEAL is cruel but the liver byproduct is a way better choice then grown up cow, simply because the toxins in the calf liver are far less that that of “daddy cow”). I went home and blended it up (RAW) with some tomato juice and parsley. The vitamin C in the juice helps me assimilate the iron in the organ and parsley is also a nice leafy green that is a great iron source.

I call this the PERRY PUKE SHAKE, although in many countries eating organs is quite natural and those who like eating organ meat will have no problem with this. So it makes me want to puke a little, but the end result is worth it.

The nutrients in the liver are unparalleled. You can buy glandular to treat adrenal exhaustion, which sometimes is the reason why you could be so tired. Food can be medicine and when you drink something like the PUKE SHAKE (without puking, of course) it can be quite beneficial. In fact, it’s one of my running secrets.

I had this crazy Brazilian coach who told me to do this. Remember Mary Decker Slaney, the runner who fell off the track at the LA Olympics when she was clipped by the barefoot athlete? Well, he was her coach also! He was convinced that this was so delicious. While I felt otherwise, it was actually helpful.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore my smell sensitive vitamin kit . It’s the reason why I don’t have to worry about being anemic anymore OR have to give myself B-12 shots in the butt which was misery because everyone acted like I was doping. I use it daily to get what I need, but if you’re fighting disease and/or exercising a lot or having huge amounts of stress, then adding in SUPER FOODS is quite important. Everyone talks about the berries, but don’t forget the protein!

So if you’re having fatigue, cover your butt on the nutrient side, get the smell sensitive vitamin kit and start implementing it. In the meantime start thinking about getting creative with foods.

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If you really feel bad, sticking to cooked vegetables might be helpful. You get nutrients but your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest them. During my ordeal I had a Chinese Medicine Doctor put me on a regiment of cooked down soups and vegetables for two months! It worked. It got me out of the hole with the help of other alternative therapies from the conventional therapy that left me 90% dead.

Food can also be used to help absorb toxic pile up in the gut. Have you ever craved rice while getting Lyme treatment? You’re not alone. I used to eat an entire pot of rice. At the time I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I learned a long time ago to trust my instincts on everything and looking back I was simply trying to eat something to help absorb the waste in my gut. I added Physillium Husk and a Bentonite Clay to the

The clay is great for absorbing. The Physillium Husk does the same, but it has a cleansing effect as well in the digestive track.

Physillim Husk Powder by Planetary Herbs **Go for the powder (it's the strongest, no caps on this one)

Bentonite Clay by NOW (I used to make a little mixture of these Physillim and Bentonite nicely).

Another good one is Activated Charcoal. Most of you have heard
of this before.

Activated Charcoal From Requa Mfg. (This is the one I've used. Good product)

Activated Charcoal From Source Naturals

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WARNING: Do not take these products with your nutrients (like meals or supplements) as it pulls the good stuff out also! Separate them a few hours apart and never take this together. And don’t forget to drink loads of water with this. And it’s best to do it on an empty stomach.

*There is also something called Welchol, which is basically a prescription that is used for people with Cholesterol problems. Welchol binds not only to cholesterol but also to neurotoxins from die-off. Again, I suggest the natural approach before you “GO THERE” but it is an option. If you are feeling poisoned and your doctor hasn’t mentioned this…SHAME ON THEM. (This is what I’m taking about when I say empowering yourself, once you know what you can do, then you can make sure you get the RIGHT CARE, so get Lyme Disease Coach ing if you want to take control of your life).

Don’t let these other Lymies get you down.

Boy, I got the worst hate mail yesterday. This guy was basically telling me (in the same breath) good for you for beating lyme but that’s what it’s called, remission. Yet, another person trying to Rain On My Parade. (This parade, by the way, isn’t slowing down.). He also gave me an earful about politics. (Hey, I’ll admit I don’t keep up with it. It’s depressing. I’m here to help, and I’m certainly not going to take this personally. If someone shows up at my house and asks me to give up my guns, then that will be another story…).

He basically told me I was part of the problem. He started by saying, “sorry to castigate you” and I’m thinking….oh here we go with another overly educated jerk who is not only sick (probably because he refuses to believe he can be helped) but he wants to dwell on all the problems regarding care for Lyme victims. And I guess he’s just sooo smart that he knows everything about it and that success just doesn’t make sense to him.

Taking action is one thing, but being a jerk who writes people emails like this is not a helpful thing and it ensures that he will probably live with LYME FOREVER.

“Elmo” kiss my fast, strong, white arse, seriously. I’ll send you a photocopy of my butt and my gold medals in 2012. There are more and more people (other than myself) who are getting better! It takes a little elbow grease and an open mind... so get over it. I doubt “Elmo” was even at the Lyme-Autism conference .

Sure that spirochete is a sneaky monster and smart…but damn, look at our own immune systems! We’re designed by God. Science can’t even explain how sophisticated our bodies really are. So don’t be depressed!

“Elmo” told me I should do something positive like tell people to send money to the doctor who is doing research in his basement. I say good call. Here’s his address (you can mail him
a check).

Dr AlanMacdonald
50 Route 25a
Smithtown, NY 11787

Hey, I told you when I decided to go for it that I cut out the “lyme world” and I do mean it. I made the best decision I possibly could and even until this day I still don’t see myself as a victim. Let’s face it, part of my problem was because of me. I ignored the bite. I didn’t get help. And I literally “ran” myself into the ground in a brutal sport. It was bound to happen. If not Lyme, something else, some other cootie.

So is it wrong for me to want you to get healthy?

I don’t think so.

Don’t any of you let any of it get you down.

Health is mind, body, and soul. We are always concentrating on BODY. Part of my major healing was that I “exercised my demons.” I had a lot of hate in my heart from being tossed around as an athlete. Did I tell you my agent is from NYC and he didn’t even return my call once he found out I had Lyme? Ouch, that hurt. But playing sports can make you tough. In my book I write about some very strange occurrences on nights when I thought I was going to die and with the process of removing these poisonous emotions I actually had healing reactions HERTZ) and major recovery episodes. I’m saying this was onlypart of it, but just think of this journey as a way to make ALL THINGS RIGHT in your life.

We need a new term. “Lymie” Stinks

I hate this term. I hate it so much I don’t want to mention it in my newsletter. I never saw myself as Lymie and hopefully you don’t either. How about we come up with something better? You can email me your suggestions and I will use the best suggestions from now on.

But for now I like: Tick Slayer!
Yeah, that’s it. From now on all “Lymies” are now “Tick Slayers” if you choose to be.
This is your official knighting ceremony.

I now dub you, Tick Slayer!

Feels better, Right? Tell me about it! Yes, it just so happens to be the name of my book, but honestly I am a TICK SLAYER. I’m not a LYMIE. Never was…never will be.

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See ya later Tick Slayer,

Get updates my signing up at

P.S. Little training update. I'm building a MONSTER aerobic base this summer by training for a triathlon. By the time Fall comes I'll be training at altitude with my group of Ethiopians/Kenyans to prepare for the 2010 track season.

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P.P.S Dr. Lendon Smith wrote a book called, Feed Your Body Right. The book is an excellent read and talks about how simple balancing of nutrients is the key to success from ADD to Cancer. He raves about the Complete Health Kit in the book towards the end. If you want to know about how Dr. Smith was using simple methods that adhere to "God's law of human chemistry"- then check this book out today! It's a good read.

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