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Sisterly Love

Posted Oct 26 2011 8:04pm

This morning I said a tearful good-bye to my sister Jan and her husband of 7 months, Lanny.  They came yesterday for a visit...arriving at 4pm and leaving at 10am today.  Jan had not been here for 3 years and it was wonderful to give her hugs and sit side by side on the sofa catching up.  Oh, how I miss her smile, warm hand on my back, and sisterly love. 

Looking at the photo of the two of us, besides my eyes being closed, it never ceases to amaze me how old and sickly I look.  Jan is 11 years OLDER than me.  Yep.  You would never know.  She looks younger and I am trying not to be envious of that !!!   Jan is always on the go~traveling constantly with three homes to nest in ~TX, Kansas, and S.D.  She loves to line dance, makes fleece blankets for everyone, and does texting with her grandkids and kids, besides a gazillion other things!  She loves family, which was evident when she had tears in her eyes while looking at the recent photo of our oldest son's kids.  She does not see any of my family much.  We have a special bond since she helped raise me too.  She was 11 when I was born and I took my first steps to her.  She took me in for a few months when I was 10, and I spent more than one summer with her.  Our voices sound so much alike that her husband Lanny, who had never met Joel or I before, kept saying if I don't look at who is talking I always think it is Jan!  When we lived in The Philippines we would send each other cassette tapes so we could "visit" and one time she listened to a tape in her player and was crying and thinking about how much she missed me when she heard what she thought was my voice talking about her son Billy!  She was listening to a tape of her voice she had made for me and crying!  We have laughed at that for years~

It was great sunshine for my soul to have her come by. After they left today Joel and I slept for 1 1/2 hrs and this afternoon Joel slept for another 2 1/2 hrs. while I rested. Visiting takes alot of energy..but it was worth its weight in gold.  We are resting with smiles on our faces and healing joy coursing through our veins... There is nothing like a good dose of sisterly love!
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