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Posted Mar 03 2009 3:56pm
When my brain jumps from subject to subject I often say my brain is scribbling...and I find that with Zithromax I scribble more than ever. Speaking of ....I have learned that taking both Zithro and Mepron together makes them work harder as a team ~digging up even more bacteria and parasites with double the results ~ just like a team of oxen pulling a plow through a hard dirt field work better together. So, today as I manage my 5th day of headaches, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and the like, I feel good about the fact that I made it through the first week of Mepron ~ the worst tasting yellow sludge I have ever put in my mouth. Ugh! I am feeling pretty happy that both bacteria and Babesia parasites are on the run and dying left and right. I may feel different in another week or two but today it makes me feel strong...even as I lay in bed....and I know this is a good thing.

This week I learned that someone I love and care about very much has been diagnosed with acute leukemia at Mayo Clinic, and has been given only a few months to a year to live. My thoughts have been scribbling with memories over the past 50 plus years, and worries of what lies ahead. Life is so fragile and so unfair at times.

This week a close relative was able to rejoice at the birth of her precious granddaughter, born healthy into a loving family. This same close relative also shared that her husband has accepted a severence package with a job he has had for over 25 yrs and he will need to look for work at age 59.

This week we accepted an offer on our "other home" that has been a burden for us for nearly 2 years. Long story short we tried to move to another home in the town where my husband took a call to a church, and after just one month I could not live there due to a hidden chemical smell....we have been trying to sell it since moving back to our "old" house which, thankfully, had not sold. We are rejoicing that we will be closing on that house tentatively on March 17th !! Amazing grace!

This week has certainly been eventful...some ups and some downs....We all have them, don't we.
We get through, we move forward, we celebrate the good and we cry over the bad...we get our our knees and pray and rejoice.....we become stronger and wiser and more loving with the important people in our lives. We realize how fragile life is and how every moment we are alive is special..every breathe we take is a gift.

This week I hope and pray you experienced peace and hope. It is there for us no matter what comes our way.
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