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Saturday Scribbles

Posted Mar 05 2011 2:00pm
Good Saturday morning friends!  It is gray and dreary here today but it is going to be in the high twenties with snow forecast once again.  Soon spring will arrive along with my 63rd birthday.  Goodness where does the time go?!  So super thankful to be still around to enjoy this crazy life.

Speaking of birthdays, today is our oldest daughter's 41st.  Happy Birthday Bethany!!  We used to celebrate at home with the honoree getting whatever they would like for supper.  Of course presents and a cake of their choice came with it all.

It is also my sister Jan's wedding day!  She and Lan are getting married in AZ with a small garden church wedding.  Just friends are attending, but they will have a reception later on in S.D. where she is from.  She called this morning for a few minutes.  Wish we could be there.
Joel went to a home show yesterday.  He was looking for FIR saunas, although we found one online that we like~ a heavenly heat sauna which doctors like Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. S. Harris, and Dr. W. Rhea recommend.  We will see..they are so spendy, but would benefit us both.  I do not detox well so this would help.  Some day....

Good grief, isn't this whole fiasco with Charlie Sheen sad?  Sad for him, his extended family, and especially his children.  We have never watched his show...too rude for us, but to get paid nearly two million per episode?  What is that!  Just think how many people could be helped with the money from just one of his shows. twisted.

I finished the Savannah Reid mystery and have put aside Unbroken for now.  Too stressful for me.  I just get too involved with it all and end up tense. Always have gotten into whatever I read or watch.  No filters I guess.  (My practitioner tells me to stay clear of "vampires"....those who suck the energy right out of you.)  I am also re-reading "How, Then Shall We Live?" by Wayne Mueller.  I highly recommend it.

Until next time......
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