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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Mar 16 2013 11:43am
Good Saturday morning to you from our corner of the world, where temperatures rose into the mid 40's after yet another storm that came through last Sunday dumping 13.5 inches of heavy snow on our area.  Strong winds, freezing rain, and heavy wet snow equaled big problems.  Plodding through the deep snow from the road to our front porch reminded me of when we lived in Duluth MN and would go snowshoeing.  We lost a big tree limb plus another smaller one off our tree in the backyard.  The good news is it did not take out the window or damage the siding.
Speaking of good news, we were gone last weekend to visit our daughter, son-in-love, and grandkids in WI.  We left Friday morning and came home Monday evening, driving about 5.5 hrs each way. The pictures above are what we came home to!  It was great fun to finally get to see where they live, and attend the grandkids school musical~ they both did a super job singing and performing! Joel watched our granddaughter play volleyball, we celebrated our daughter's birthday, and all went to church Sunday morning.  Joel has been to their home before, but I never was well enough to travel. Friday was very challenging, but I rallied the rest of the time and bonded with their dog Tucker while people went out and about. Tucker is the size of a small horse :) and I don't think our Levi is much bigger than Tucker's head!  We also were able to see a few other family members who came on Saturday for the play.  All in all it was so super to be there.  In there home. Taking it all in.

Amazing Grace!

On our way home we went into a fast food place in east Iowa to use the facilities and bumped into a good friend who lives in the town. It was fun to able to visit for awhile and catch up.  Side note:  When I was around age 13 I wanted to be a missionary and was fascinated with the idea of mission work.  This friend, Dave Grant, was a son of the missionary our church helped support.  I used to stand in front of the church bulletin board and gaze at the Grants with their 5 boys and wonder what it was like to be on the misson field. They were on our prayer list over the years.  In 1989 we moved to northwestern Minnestoa where Joel was called to a 2 point parish and one of the pastors in the area was Pastor Dave Grant.  When we talked about our childhoods one day we realized he was the Dave Grant of the Grant family that we used to pray for!  He and Deb are friends~ in fact Dave was the pastor for our son's funeral service nearly 9 years ago. 

Amazing Grace!

Several firsts occurred this past weekend
I traveled and stayed with our oldest and her family for 3 nights
I attended a school event for grandchildren.
I went to Sunday morning services for first time in 8 years.
I ate in a restaurant for the first time in 10 years.
I was pretty much free of reactions in many different environments.

Amazing Grace!

Joel is busy with Lent and preparations for Easter.  He will finish up this Interim position by the end of May we believe.  He may look for another part time Interim position if God provides it.  I think he would enjoy a break, too.  He is doing well, and recovers quickly from things like viruses.  He had a touch of flu Tuesday and was back to his old self by Wednesday morning!  Yay!  We managed to walk to the river and in the neighborhood 3 days this week.  Nice to be out in the fresh air!

Did you see the TV coverage as the new Pope was revealed?  Joel and I were watching, but I fell asleep while waiting for the announcement~ woke up when everyone started cheering.  We have no connection to the Catholic Church, but found it interesting...Pope Francis the First is a man for the poor...even living among them as a Cardinal in Argentina.  Time will tell what changes or evolves with him.

We have enjoyed watching The Bible on the History channel.  It definitely is not for young children.  Quite graphic!  I am getting into Blue Bloods more and look forward to the new season of Dancing With The Stars.  I am reading yet another Guidepost Lighthouse book and a book on healing titled Your Healing Door by Pastor Greg Mohr.  What are you reading and watching?

Until next time................
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