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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Feb 28 2013 10:47am
Good morning to you on this, the first Saturday in March.  Spring is right around the corner! At least that is what I keep telling myself.  Temperatures will be normal here today ~in the high twenties with sunshine in the forecast.

Life traveled in the slow lane for me this week as I healed from a UTI that sent me to urgent care last Sunday.  I have managed to bake and cook our meals, and for the first time in a very long time, I made chocolate chip cookies with regular flour and white sugar.  I had the ingredients only because they were left over from Thanksgiving when the family came.  So, I put them to use and will serve cookies on Sunday night when we open our home to people from the parish for a Bible study on the book of James.  Will be fun to entertain again.  Any other time, if Joel wants white sugar and gluten laden flour otherwise, he goes elsewhere. I won't use it at home because I do not believe it is good for anyone, healthy or not!

Our youngest grandson will be heading off to Kindergarten next fall...already.  No more babies to snuggle until our grandbabies start having grandbabies.  Joel will be 67 in June and I will be 65 in
March, and how did that happen?  Joel has no plans to retire fully.  Dustin Hoffman in the AARP magazine said that "I think retirement goes hand in had with those who make a living by having a "job". I don't think that we, the .00001 percent of the population who are so fortunate to love passionately what we do, consider it a "job".  I don't know if I agree with all he said, but I do know that Joel loves what he does and feels it is a privilege to work!  Dustin Hoffman is 75 and directing his first movie.  Certainly Joel never wants to work full time again, but he does love working his 20-25 hours a week.  Since this position ends sometimes in May, we will see what else comes his way.

I am so in like with Kari Jobe and Jeremy Riddle's music.  Powerful praise songs.  What kind of music do you listen to?  I also enjoy Jame Taylor and David Nevue's piano music.   Of course he cannot hold a candle to when our two oldest girls play....I could sit and listen to them for hours. All the kids took piano lessons~ some for a couple of years, some for many.  We had a "rule" that if they wanted to be in sports they had to balance it out with music...playing piano first, and then an instrument or being in a choir at school and church.  In our home lived flutes, oboes, percussion instruments and drums, a sax, and a violin.  Here is the kicker.....neither Joel or I had any musical training except choir.  We both wished we had.  Enough said.

Have you ever noticed that as you age, gravity pulls everything down.....down....down...For me the hair on my head has taken flight and is now finding a new home on my chin,  Seriously, what is that all about?  I have always said that the French blood I carry has made me more hairy....I sported a "mustache" from an early age and certainly have more hair on my arms than Joel....but now this new crop of hair showing up in the wrong places is a bit annoying.  And lets not even talk about how my fanny has flattened and my tummy has taken on what used to be carried in my trunk.  (I guess I did talk about it didn't I).  I expect many my age feel the same way and that is why the plastic surgeons live in mansions.  I am very grateful to still be here and there is no way I would go under the knife to alter what time and even illness has done to this body, but there are times.....times I glance into the mirror and think who IS that person! 

Did you see the YouTube video of the father of the bride speaking to the groom about his daughter. So, so touching and funny, too!  And what about the man who was sleeping in his bed at home in Florida and a sink hole swallowed him, bed and all.  They still have not found him.  Ok, that one freaked me out and is one reason I try to avoid the news!  I might as well share about the baby that was wrapped in a plastic bag and left out to die......a woman, while out walking her dog, heard the newborn girl and rescued her.  The good news is that thousands of people from around the world want to adopt her!  Now that I have officially stirred you up in one way or another, let's move on!

I finished another Guidepost Lighthouse series book and spent a great deal of time writing for my other blog and watching online Bible teachings. So little to watch on TV anymore.  We did watch some of the Oscars last Sunday night as a distraction from my ER visit.  The last Castle episode was the best we have ever seen...Great acting and a great story line.  Also according to Joel it was very tense.  Usually I cannot watch things that are really tense, but we decided the medication was numbing me down.....or is that dumbing me down??~since I seemed a bit detached from all the drama and Joel was the one on edge!  Ha...What are you reading and watching?

Until next time...........
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