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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Feb 23 2013 1:18pm
Good Saturday morning  everyone!  I am greeting you from a winter wonderland!  We woke up Friday morning to 8 inches of the fluffy white stuff!  It is so beautiful I had to share a picture.
Joel took out the snowblower and did our driveway, and also cleared the walking path to the river...coming back up the hill was a bit challenging I expect!

Speaking of walking, I only managed one walk this week around the cul-de-sac, but did have energy enough to help with meals and bake some.  Joel has been walking for close to an hour off and on since biking is out of the question now.  He just finished washing the kitchen and bathroom floors and vacuuming the main level.  The cleaning lady comes in two weeks, but it needed a good get down on your knees scrubbing!  For me it has been a "quiet week here in Lake Woebegone". (For any Garrison Keillor fans!) Levi is doing so much better!  He gained 3/4 lb this week and is awake and perky again.  Yahoo!

Do any of you watch the Oscars?  I watched for many years, but cannot help but ponder how much attention we give to the world of Hollywood.  Seriously. Now, I enjoy a good movie as much as anyone~I just don't understand how we, and that includes me, can get so infatuated with "the stars". Expect it has to do with the often mundane of our daily lives.

Speaking of attention, have you noticed how much time is spent talking about the weather on the news?  Every snow storm gets major coverage.  I am a weather groupie, but it makes me laugh at all the drama connected with it.  Don't get me wrong, weather can cause terrible tragedy and loss, as we have seen this year, but "when I was growing up"  we would get winter storms that would cause the snow to pile up to our windows and it seemed normal...I don't think we get as much snow now as we did in the dark ages.  I can remember we walked to school close to a mile and at that time girls were not allowed to wear pants in school!  So I would wear them under my skirt or dress while walking to school and then take them off when I got there.  By the time I was 18 I was tired of this silly rule so when I went to Bible college and there was a "no pants" policy for the girls, several of us including Joel, protested and sent a petition to the President of the colleage.  They changed the rule for our second year, but that first year I would just wear very short dresses or mini-skirts.  It was 1966 after all :).   Oh , I was such a rebel......n.o.t. 

Speaking of weather, where Joel grew up in  Northern Minnesota, they had wind chills of -55 this week.  Ours were only at -24!  One of our children was married in the winter with the temperatures hovering around 25 below for a high. Not wind chills, temperatures.   I do not like the cold anymore, so dream of warmer places when it dips below 25 degrees.  Well I have sufficiently obsessed enough about the weather so lets move on!

My laptop has been in the shop since Wednesday.  Ugh.  I have been using my iPad (remember our daughter-in-law gave it to us?), smart phone,  and Joel's computer.  We are so spoiled!   Speaking of spoiled, we purchased a new TV with money we received for Christmas.  We are not thrilled with the color....the color is much better on the one our son and DIL gave us out of their family room....but alas that TV does not want to obey commands all the time~kind of like children or pets I guess! Or me.

I was very disturbed with the ending of Downton Abbey's Season 3 last Sunday night.  Another death?  Another death connected to another birth? Come on!!!  We watched that strange but oddly funny show, Go On with Matthew Perry on NBC along with our regulars...Castle and NCIS.  I finished another Guidepost Lighthouse book and continue to savor Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts.  What are you watching and reading?

Until next time...........

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