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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Feb 16 2013 1:41pm
Good morning Saturday readers!  Here in our part of Iowa the temperatures are hovering around 20 once again.  Earlier this week we were in the low 40's and managed two walks to the river.  I thought I would share this picture with you that I took there.  The ducks were happy that day!

It was a busy week with Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day coming all in a row.  We had waffles Tuesday to celebrate, went to services Wednesday pm, and played scrabble and enjoyed coconut bliss ice cream with cookies on Valentine's Day.  I did write a post on my other blog for Valentine's about Joel that you can read HERE .  I kinda like the guy!

Speaking of Joel, the new parish has started their interviews to call two pastors.  The end of his Interim is getting close.   I really don't think I need to share an update on his health anymore, he is just steady and walking in his healing.   On the other hand my update shows that I can do more, but when I do too much and cut out my rest time, I crash.  I cleaned the house....two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and living room on Sat. and Tuesday, went to a Bible study Sunday night, shopping Monday, and went to church Wed. night.  I also worked with the Sozo healing ministry techniques because for some reason a man I met at church triggered a PTS episode for me.  Things went down hill Thursday night and I am back in that recliner again.....sigh.....Minor setback, so for now, "In quietness and trust is my strength" as Isaiah 30:15.

Speaking of the Bible study we went to, several people wanted Joel to continue teaching with another study after Easter.  Of course we don't know if he will still be there and we shared that with one who was asking...Her  "dry" reply, "Well, no one is living in the parsonage yet"!  I think this geographic parish has a total membership now of 1,000 people in their four churches.  Times have changed and attendance has gone down for several reasons, the main one being people moving away.  The members take pride in their churches and maintain them mostly on a volunteer basis.  Attendance is small by city standards, but it is steady and they do love their places of worship.  There are many gifted and intelligent people who make things run smoothly.  Across the country this seems to be happening.  Joel was on the phone again this week with a Deacon on Staton Island because they are taking 3 churches and combining them into one parish.  He was looking for more advice and information on this kind of union. 

Do you remember a few weeks back when Joel had his computer in to the shop 5 times?  He stopped by there yesterday to ask them a question...he looked up when walking to the shop and the owner was watching from the window shaking his head back and forth with a frown on his face....Ha!  He figured Joel's computer was down again. It is working well with the new hard drive.

We watched the season finale (already) of Downton Abbey this week, a few Biblical teachings, and some of the Sozo  (inner healing) ministry teaching DVD's.  Not much regular TV although Joel enjoys that show, "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen. Great clean humor.  We watched Castle and Rock Center too.  I finished one of the Lighthouse novels by Guidepost that I am reading and am into the 4th one now.  I am almost done with the kindle book on Alaska.  Also still connecting with Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts.  What are you reading?
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