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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Feb 09 2013 12:23pm
Good Saturday morning to you all from our little corner of Iowa.  I have little change to report on the weather here ~it is still up and down...cold then warming up....then cold again.  It is not ideal, as we have been getting a lot of freezing rain and ice. Seeing what the NE is going through?  I am NOT complaining!

Speaking of the NE, did you see all the snow in Central Park.  Saturday morning Lester Holt was reporting from there...the trees did look so pretty blanketed with fresh snow.  Lester got right down in the snow and made a snow angel!  Do you remember making them as children?   Of course Lester said he could only do this before the dogs came to turn the white snow a different color. Ha!  I expect there are a lot of dogs enjoying the snow this morning and leaving their mark on its beauty.

Speaking of dogs, our Levi is doing better!!! We are sooooo excited. He is awake more and is interested in food again. What a joy to see him up and around. He still seems to be suffering from back pain and some kind of nerve damage.  We think the infection he had is gone and when we cut back on the one medication for incontinence he became more alert again. 

On Friday morning there was a knock on the door and to our surprise friends from Joel's former parish in NW Minnesota came by on their way to Florida.  We had a great time catching up.  It is hard to believe we left that area nearly 17 years ago and moved to Iowa where Joel was called to pastor a congregation. We have lived many places in our lives, but we have always called Minnesota home.  But now............ seventeen years in one Iowa.  Wonder what the future holds?

Speaking of catching up it feels like the sun is finally catching up to the center of light with day"s getting love that it does not get dark until after 6pm. Spring is just around the corner!!!!! 

Speaking of the future, I can look at the past week and report that it was a good one for me.  Two nights of Bible studies, a trip to the grocery story and Target, and a walk to river on a warmer day tells me I am holding my own and getting out more and more into the real world.  I still get sinus issues for a short while after venturing into some stores, but in time that too shall pass.  I also finished the new pillow covers and they look nice with the sofa and love seat.  Nice to be sewing again.

Back to the future..........we think Joel's Interim position will be finished by mid-May.  We have been spending a great deal of time discussing and praying over what road we will then take.  It has always been our practice to let God lead the way.  I read a quote today that sums up that way of thinking.  If you want to know God's will, say "I will".   In other words say yes Lord to His plan.  His plan is always for good and works together for good.  After just one week of focus on our future and putting it in God's hands, we are expecting more than a few exciting days ahead for this season of our life.

The issue with Wellsphere is still not resolved.  I am still hoping I will not need to close out this blog and start another, but it looks like that is the way it is leaning.

This week we finished Season 2 of Downton Abbey.  This series certainly does carry with it a lot of drama! I really enjoy Maggie Smith!!  I am reading a book on Kindle titled, "Alaska Bound".   It is a true story about a couple who move to the wilderness of Alaska.  It is written from the woman's point of view and I must say, if I had experienced all the diasters in the first two days that they did, I would have turned right around and gone home.  So far, the book is holding my attention and is enjoyable for a Kindle "freebie".  What are you reading? 

Until next time.......
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