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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Jan 26 2013 11:55am
It is already the last Saturday in January, and today we are embracing a nice balmy 20+.  This past weekend our windchill was -30 and the cold weather stayed with us until Friday when we managed to climb into the twenties. In April or May, 20 degrees feels January, not so bad!

Speaking of not so bad, we had a pretty good week here in our corner of the world.  Joel and I ventured out with the nasty windchill to do a little clothes shopping on Monday. It is still strange to go shopping in a store!  Guess that is why I had to share it, ha!  I also went with Joel to a Bible study on Wed night.  He is teaching on the book of Romans. That was fun! I made a couple of pillow covers this week too with my living room colors of dark burgundy/rust, navy, and dark gold

Thursday was Joel's 1 year anniversary of his healing.  He was healed overnight from Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, CFS, arthritis, Pre-Parkinsons from Lyme,  and hypothyroidism....also this past year he  has been healed from sleep apnea, gluten intolerance, and an eye disease.  Yippee!!!!  We are still rejoicing and can't help but talk about it....Joel did nothing but pray..........God did it all!  We celebrated with a rarely eaten pork dinner and some cookies I made, plus he treated his colleague group of five out for lunch on their meeting day.

Our Levi is still struggling, but medication is helping him and he no longer is leaking all over.  He sleeps most of the time, but is "perkier" when awake.  Now if he can stop throwing up we will be able to stop washing the rugs and couch covers on a daily basis........ He hates the cold and if it is snowing even lightly he won't stay out!  He might get wet, you know.

To my delight, I am really enjoying the PBS show, Downton Abbey!  I have not watched it before but last Sunday night Joel was gone so I watched two episodes on PBS and officially was hooked. Now I am on a waiting list at our library to get the first two seasons on DVD. I find the shows on the PBS channel to be less stressful and I think part of that is all the commercials thrown at us on regular TV.  I love the Judi Dench show on PBS also.....but Downton Abbey is at the top of my list.

I had to chuckle at all the news coverage on the First Lady's new hair style and the family's attire for the inauguration and following celebrations.  I have to admit I like her bangs look, and the girls looked beautiful in their vivid colored coats.  I had wanted to hear the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sing as they are so good, but forgot the coverage was on all day! Thanks to Youtube I could find it quickly and enjoyed their song plus Beyonce's.

Joel and I were talking about how many award shows Hollywood has.  They love to celebrate themselves and their great work.. ...He said, "Maybe we should have a pastors award know, the best sermon , the best prayers, the best funeral performance, the best of weddings.  We could celebrate several nights and give ourselves awards for all we do!"  Sounds pretty silly doesn't it!   Hmmmmm

We watched little TV this week and no movies to write about.  I am still reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  P.o.w.e.r.f.u.l.  Also reading another Guidepost "light" book at night.  Add to that Hosting His Presence by Bill Johnson and a few online teachings and I keep my mind busy.  What are you reading?

Until next time..................

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