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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Jan 19 2013 12:30pm
Good Saturday morning~  The sun is shining, the winds are blowing, and it is going to be a balmy 45 degrees today here today in Iowa.  In January.  We have  alot of green grass and a bit of snow left in a few places.  Alas, it will not last as our high for Monday is forecast for one degree.  A bit of reality will enter the picture.

Speaking of reality, our sweet Levi who is now over 13 years old, is really aging quickly.  He has been fighting a urinary track infection, but besides that drama which includes tinkling without wanting to and leaking at night while he sleeps, he is also throwing up more, sleeping a lot, and down to only 131/2 pounds.  He sleeps so hard that sometimes in the mornings we have to shake him to wake him up.  We had him to the vet a week ago, but will go back now this week as something is still not right.  Our house looks a bit odd right now with the sofa and loveseat covered in plastic, then flannel sheets and towels, and towels on the floor and wool rug in front of those sitting areas in case he throws up.  Needless to say, this cannot go on.  We are talking about a "bed" for him in the kitchen and gating him in there at night.  Poor little guy.

Have any of you watched the TV series, Blue Blood with Tom Selleck?  We did not start out watching at the beginning so feel behind with it now, but I find it good.  Joel is not into it, so I am hoping to find the DVDs at the local library and catch up.  I checked them out online and they are so costly!  I am really intrigued by their weekly family dinners....I find them so real and yet everyone comes from a place of love.  I often think about how scattered our family is and that we only all gather once and at the very most twice a year for 2-3 days at a time.  Needless to say, that makes us sad, while at the same time grateful that we do get to be together and the grandkids (cousins)  get to connect every year.

Speaking of getting to know each other over again, we have recently connected with our Bible College (Lutheran Bible Institute/Golden Valley Lutheran College) classmates through a web site and emails.  It has been great fun.  Those two years formed so much of our faith foundation and we met great people on our small campus of around 200.  We loved taking classes so much that Joel and I have seriously thought of going back to a Bible College again now that he is retired.  We are never too old to learn and grow and we are not into regular "retirement living".

Thursday I managed to walk a quarter mile.  Yippee....Yesterday we went to the little strip mall and walked, shopped at the health food store and Bible bookstore and then headed to the grocery store.  Joel chuckled when I picked up only 4 organic sweet potatoes because the price was so high...I guess it was a "normal" price but I have not shopped for years so have no clue what things cost!  The Bible Bookstore was going out of business so we were able to purchase cards, gifts, etc. for 60% off.  It is sad that so many small businesses cannot make it anymore but on the other hand it is nice to shop online so easily and pay less by far.  It is a catch 22 I think, as we need to support our communities too.

We did not  watch any movies this week.  Joel and I set aside time  to watch three days of live streaming at a healing conference in CA.  It was interesting, fascinating, and educational.  Definitely stretched our thinking and opened our eyes to the "more" that is available for us.  I have been reading Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts".  Powerful!  I have started to carry a small journal around with me to catch those simple yet profound moments in a day that I am grateful for.  I kept a gratitude journal for years, but this is different somehow.  You can check out her blog at A Holy Experience .  What are you reading?

Until next time..............
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