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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Jan 05 2013 12:40pm
Saturday already?  Good morning from Iowa where the snow blows, the temperatures dip and dance, and those who bundle up in layers dream of warmer places to call home. I think I dislike the snow so much this year because it is keeping me from walking outside every day.

Speaking of walking, I am still managing at least 10 minutes daily but it gets pretty boring walking around the main level of our home.  I would love to know what Levi is thinking as he watches me traipse from the living to the dining, into the kitchen and the entry...around and around....all an open space so he has a continual view!  I usually turn on some praise music or the TV to distract me.  Friday we went to the park to walk but it was not a long trek since both of us got cold quite quickly.  It was nice to come back home to a warm house and the homemade soup and muffins I had made!  January in Iowa.

This past Sunday Joel and I went to my brother Todd and Jeannie's for a family gathering.  It turned out to be our generation that came plus Gr. Jo and Jeannie's parents.  Good food and good fellowship graced our day and of course football graced the TV.  We drove 1 hour north to my hometown to attend.  On the way back we almost hit 5 deer that jumped up on the road.  I did not realize it, but I was not buckled in and I slid forward hitting my knee and twisting my ankle and back.  It hurt for awhile in the car, but Joel and I prayed over it with him commanding the pain to leave and it did!  Nice.

New Year's Eve Joel and I watched the movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" for a second time, and celebrated with coconut bliss and bars before heading to bed by 10:30.  On New Year's Day my sister Kay and her husband Dan came over for a short afternoon visit.  The rest of the week has been a time of rest and ignoring the January blahs that seem to come after the holidays.

Speaking again of January, I used to make resolutions or intentions, but last year decided to join a growing number of people online who pray about a word to meditate on for the year.  I am doing the same this year and  just wrote a post on it over at my blog,   Adventures In Faithful Living .  Stop over if you are interested.

Our local hospital's helicopter when down this week, killing all 3 on board.  Mercy1 was on its way to pick up a patience when it crashed.  No cause known as of yet, but there was some icy drizzle at the time.  So sad for the families of those who were part of the team.   It really causes a person to stop and ponder life and how fragile it can be.

Speaking of fragile, our Levi is struggling with some health issues.  He gets pancreatitus, but is also having bladder "issues" in the house.  He has lost some weight and the vet says, "he is aging".  Hard to watch.  We are trying to fatten him up with extra treats, etc.  Wish I could give him some of my extra pounds!  I seemed to have added a couple over Christmas and New Year's!

My friend Linny is getting ready to send her 19 year old daughter over to Uganda to be a missionary in an orphanage there.  She leaves tomorrow!  They run a non-profit fro the orphans ~ International Voice Of The Orphans  and Emma will work with two of their other missionaries there.  I cannot imagine going off to Africa at that age or sending one of our daughters there, but Emma has been telling everyone she would be a missionary there since she was 8!  One determined gal.  Joel and I always thought we would be missionaries in Africa, following in the footsteps of his cousin David Simonson, but God had other ideas.  We made plans to do mission trips after retirement, too, and Joel could manage that now.  I just do not like the idea of not going along!

I downloaded the free Kindle app to my iPad this week and soon after saw that Lisa Buffaloe over at her website  was giving away her latest book, Prodigal Nights for free the next few days.  So, I went to Amazon and downloaded her book and have started to read that.  What are you reading?

Until next time .....................
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