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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Dec 29 2012 3:15pm
Good Saturday Morning from our corner of the world. Snow has finally come to stay with several more inches falling this week.  We have very cold temperatures, but a warm house, so we cannot complain!

I hope you had a good Christmas~ Joel had services Christmas Eve and for the first time in 10 years I went along to worship.  Nice!  Smells were strong, the church was freezing, and the organ was so loud I was wishing for ear plugs......but it was great....I sat among the congregation members......heard Joel preach.....and it felt so "normal".  Yahooooo!

Christmas Day was spent with Joel and I opening gifts, eating special meals, watching a Hallmark movie, and talking to most of our kids and grandkids on the phone.  We decided next year we need to be moving and grooving somewhere rather than spend the day at home alone .  Maybe traveling?   Maybe volunteering at a Mission like our son Mark did, or maybe.....hmmmmmm~guess we still have time to figure that one out. 

We received quite a few Christmas cards and photos this year.  Always fun to catch up on everyones lives.  I like to go back and re-read all the newsletters mid January.  I am not ready for Christmas to be over..........maybe I will do what a woman I read about does~ she leaves one of her three trees up year round in her kitchen .  Why not?  My older sister has a pumpkin sitting on her patio decorated with greenery for Christmas.  She was told it looked dumb, but I told her to just put a Santa hat on it and carry on!!!!!  It reminds me of that quote ~ when I get old I will wear purple.  Seriously, if you are 79, or any age, and wanting to keep a pumpkin on your patio table decorated for Christmas?? GO FOR IT!

Which reminds me, I am on a search for my favorite kind of clothes.  I love love love what I call Judi Dench clothing....what she wore in her last movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Motel".  I can't afford hers of course, but am thinking of going back to sewing my own unless I can come up with that look elsewhere.  I am not into much of what I see in the stores or on manikins.  Most of it is just not me.
I am getting to an age where I would rather like what I am wearing than be concerned if others like what I am wearing.  Well, at least that is what I am telling myself!  This has not always been the case.

Speaking of clothes, I have to tell you what happened a week ago.  I had ordered myself a pair of wool slippers online from Joel this Christmas. They did not come and did not come.  I had forgotten about them until this past Saturday when Joel asked me where my slippers were?  I decided I better check into things, and found in my emails a confirmation saying they were delivered Dec. 14~~ and this was the 22nd.  So I called the company and they told me they would put a trace on them with the UPS....I went up to the office to tell Joel and he just shook his head, sighed, and said "I HAVE THEM!  I hid them from you so they would be a surprise for you!  I never thought you would check things out before Christmas, so I mentioned them "......   I called the company back telling the guy the whole story.  He just chuckled and said, "Well, its nice he was trying to surprise you."

Last night there was a bit of excitement in our corner of the world.  Our grandson, G. was injured at his wrestling meet.  His forearm was broken in two places, and after an ambulance ride and ER visit, an orthopedic surgeon set the breaks after Grant was put under.  He was able to go home afterwards and is managing the pain with meds.  Thankfully he did not need plates put in, and they expect him to have a full recovery.  Scary stuff!  He was so sweet~ while in the ambulance he told his dad to call us.  Matt texted us, as Grant said to tell us "God is with me".

Did you watch the 2 part special that Christiane Amanpour narrated, "Back To The Beginnings"?  I think I mentioned it last week.  It was really interesting,  and the scenery was beautiful.  Still reading magazines and not much more. 

Until next time................

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