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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Dec 08 2012 2:47pm
Well, here it comes.  Winter!  We are expecting 1-2 inches of snow tonight and early Sunday.  Guess we can't avoid it forever...sigh....That  Minnie Winnie RV on my bucket list is calling my name along with milder winters.

Speaking of mild winters, when we lived in the Philippines our Christmas was certainly tropical~ 86 degrees and rainy-season humid.  I remember standing in line for a long time for a tree...shipped from the states and dry as a bone.  No lights on those trees, but it brought us closer to home to have a real tree in the house.  We also had a pinata star hanging on the porch along with our "usual" decorations.  We tried to describe snow to our Filipino friends, but it is really hard to understand unless you have experienced it.  Guess that is true about most things!

I have finished the Christmas letter and sent it off this year with a photo card for most, but a few cards with just photos enclosed.  Guess I did not order enough....I think we send off around 125 each year.  Some people we have not seen for years...again....Minnie Winnie RV !!!!  It is fun to get cards, updates and photos each year.  Love it!

This week I have stayed close to home, although I managed a slow walk to the river today.  Pain levels are up and energy is down.  I believe both are at this time connected to repressed abuse memories trying to surface more than anything else.  We will see......I have heard that a good book on dealing with this is The Wounded Heart, in case someone wants to know.  I realize  this healing is also a process, but thought it would be easier?  Imagine that!  I am still doing a lot of the cooking and baking, and walk some inside too.  I made Joel some great paleo ginger muffins yesterday.  Delish he says...

Speaking of Joel, he is doing great!  December is usually very busy for pastors but it is not that way this!!  I can remember trying to get Christmas Eve supper on the table in-between services...often 3 on Christmas Eve and 1 Christmas morning. No complaints, though.  We have wonderful memories of barn and candlelight services, stockings being stuffed long after kids went to bed, and quiet moments together before the joys of Christmas morning gifts being opened.  We hold those memories close this time of year.

Our dog ran off the porch this week and behind the van just as Joel was backing out of the garage.  As fast as this body could move I went down the steps and screamed at Joel to stop!!!!  Levi was right behind the van just staring at it come at him.  He has never done this...he also tinkled in the house this week, another n.e.v.e.r. since he was trained.  We think it is his age showing...He was 13 in October.  Needless to say, we were a bit shook by his near miss and plan to keep an eye on him when he is outside.

We have watched the usual TV shows, and one Hallmark movie.  I am reading "Yes, Lord" by Harold Bredesen, and am back into a light mystery I started weeks ago.  I have not had much interest in fiction lately.  What are you reading?

Until next time...............
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