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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Nov 17 2012 12:38pm
Good Morning All! I hope you are having a great day in your corner of this vast world.  Here in Iowa we are going to have temperatures up in the 50's.   What's not to love about that!  Last Saturday it was 76 degrees here and by Sunday afternoon it was 30 and we were getting snowflakes!  The weather lets us know how little control we have over anything!

Speaking of weather, it looks like it will be good traveling for all of our family this week as we gather for Thanksgiving.  They come from the east, south, and north to spend a couple of days with us.  I am expecting 20 for meals.  I used to cook for 10 every day so this should be easy, right?  Once upon a time it was.  Now everyone can pitch in or take over so that makes it fun for these two empty-nesters who seldom entertain. It is nice to watch the team work take place, it .is almost like a well choreographed dance.

Most of the family stays in a hotel with a pool, which gives the kids something else to do and gives the grandparents time  to organize for each day and get a good night's sleep. Football on the TV and outside, table games, and of course the many handheld gadgets keep everyone entertained.  I expect some ladies will go shopping.

This has been a busy week again even though Joel took a few days off.  He headed up to Mpls. MN last night and stayed with our friends Dan and Barb before heading to a ministry training workshop today, so I am spending the day making pumpkin bread and wrapping gifts for the family Christmas next Friday.  I really wanted to go.  Unfair!  I managed a walk to the river yesterday even though it was 26 degrees outside.  No wind so that helped.  Otherwise I am walking inside.  We finished the family room, Joel got the windows washed, and we decided to  let go of creating a new guest room.  The room is orderly and that will have to do.

Joel and I laughed so hard Thursday night at a short video on the show Rock Center with Brian Williams.  Great show by the way.  It featured a huge St. Bernard who was afraid to go down the stairs.  The man in the video was coaxing him down while the woman pushed from behind, but he would not budge.  His master ended up having to carry him!  The dog had his front legs wrapped around his master's neck as they moved down the short staircase! 

Joel went to the store yesterday morning and they had their organic eggs on sale quite cheap as they were close to the date stamped on the carton. (Note that with eggs that is not the final date for using them).  Anyway, when he got to the register to check out the clerk charged him full price......Joel called her attention to it and so they gave us all 6 dozen free!    Nearly $30 worth of eggs FREE.  What fun that was.  Do you remember when eggs were 69 cents a dozen?  I am thinking raising organic free range eggs would be a good business!

Our grandkids range in age from 14 down to 4 and are all so unique and special.  They amaze us with their intelligence, abilities and talents, and range of personalities.  It always delights us to watch them when they are here.  With 10 of all ages we are proud of how well they get along and manage any conflicts.  I think I better change the topic before I burst with pride....... or sound like I am bragging....OK so I already bragging......... as grandparents we get to do that, right?! 

Joel and I watched the movie, Cowboys and Angels last weekend.  It is really a kids movie, but was okay.  I am reading a second book in a Guidepost series, and also a book by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark titled, "The Essential Guide To Healing", and a small book by Lillian Yeomans titled,  "The Balm of Gilead".  What are you reading?

Until next time...............
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