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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Nov 10 2012 1:42pm
Good morning! Hope you are having good weather and experiencing sunshine in your corner of the world.  We are going to see temperatures close to 70 today.  Wow!  A great day to bring fresh air into the house and get outside for a walk!

Speaking of walking, I have managed a trip to the river or it's equivalency every day this week. I am breaking in my new hot pink tennies and loving these outings.  When I walk I feel so free I just want to keep walking and walking and walking.  I still rein it in after 10 minutes or so, going slow and easy.

Speaking of easy, this week has NOT been put in that category.   Joel is helping another pastor join 4 individual churches into a geographic parish.  The other pastor was in a car accident and has been mostly out of commission although doing his best to help out from home.  This Sunday is their big service and dinner with the official beginning of this unique joint adventure in faithful church living.   Lots to get done, lots of paperwork and a sermon and liturgy, and communications going out and coming in.  Unfortnately, Joel has spent the whole week trying to get his computer to work again.  He has carted it to the shop 4 times in the past week.  Thursday they told us it needed a new hard drive and second power source.  Really?

I was able to download the driver needed to connect our wireless printer to my laptop, so we figured he could use that. Then, yesterday when Joel went to pick up the computer, they told him they had removed and reinstalled the hard drive and everything was working!  He brought it home, I reinstalled the anti-virus and printer and he was set to go!  Yippee, thank you Jesus!

Joel had an interesting phone call this week from a pastor in Staten Island who is going to be part of a geographic parish there and wanted to talk to Joel about the process.  Joel told me about the call and I asked....."How did he get your name?.....Why is he calling now with all that is going on in NY? " "Did they need any help in his community?"  The only question Joel had an answer for was the last one.  I would be so curious to know how this pastor got Joel's name and number!  Evidentally not my hubby!

Speaking of my hubby, I had the strangest dream the other night...........First let me set it up.  Joel is having trouble getting jeans to fit as he ages.  And he is a jeans man...the denim king!  Well, in this dream we were trying to find jeans that were low rise and would not sag in his rear-end.  I was asking a clerk if they had jeans like this and she said, "Oh, yes, we have skinny butt jeans!"  I echoed..."Skinny butt jeans?"  She handed us a pair, he tried them on and I said, "They fit great, but there is a label on the back that says, "Skinny Butt"~~~We will need to take that label off and find another."  Can you believe it?  What a crazy dream! 

Our dog had to be taken into the vet.  He has been throwing up a lot.  His favorite place to throw up is on our expensive wool rug.  Of course.  It seems he has pancreatitis from aging ~ he is thirteen now.  We have him on antibiotics, and are praying over him.  We love our little Levi so much.  Pets really take over our hearts, don't they!

We did manage to get the family room mostly in order..........we have nixed getting the guest room set up and the dirty windows may stay that way!  We are now on Plan C due to this week being lost to computer warfare and Joel traveling to a continued education workshop next week.  Joel is taking this next Thursday through Monday off though.  He needs a break and we will prepare for Thanksgiving then.  We are excited our family is coming, but none will be around more than three days, so no need for him to take extra time off that weekend.

I ended up with a nasty headache this week....surprised me to have that happen again.  My hairdresser forgot to come to the house without bath and body lotion, hair spray, and the rest of all that chemically sweet stuff.  I love my hair cut ~ a Judi Dench cut~ but the resulted major 3 day headache stinks!    Just when you think you are past all that.........surprise!

Speaking of Judi Dench, I just loved her in the movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel".  In fact, we both really enjoyed that movie!!!!  I like her in the BBC show on PBS too.  And of course there are the James Bond movies.......she is a good actress!

I finally finished the Guidposts novel and have been catching up on magazines.  I have ordered a couple more books and am waiting for the UPS man to deliver them!  What are you reading?

Until next time...............
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