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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Nov 03 2012 1:03pm
Good Saturday morning to you from Iowa where the corn grows tall, pigs fly, and politicians gather!  Or is it politicians that fly and pig that gather?  Hmmmmm  It is going to be 48 today with sunshine. A good day for a walk and some porch sitting.

Speaking of weather, our hearts go out to those on the east coast who have suffered loss of life and homes.  Unbelievable enough to see on TV, but I cannot imagine going through it.  My stress levels soar just listening to the stories of those struggling to get back to some sense of normalcy.  That part of the country has gone through so much in the past 11 years.  You are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Speaking of politicians, by this time next week the election will be over and so will the endless attack ads.  I wonder how much super storm Sandy will effect the election?  Just think what could have been done to help others with all the money spent by the candidates. 

Speaking of helping others, last week Joel's colleague Jack, who works with him, was in a pretty nasty car accident.  Looks like he will need surgery on his shoulder.  Joel's part time interim position has stretched over the past few weeks anyway, so expect  now it will grow even more.  Another pastor is helping on Sundays, as Joel cannot preach at 4 churches.  I have expressed my thoughts to my hubby (imagine that), but I expect I will be spending more time with Levi than Joel as the days go
by. Thankfully Joel is healthy and likes working as a pastor, but poor Jack!

Speaking of other plans,  we decided to clean out the storage area under our stairs in our desire to arrange a guest room. This house has several levels so not much space for storage~ or so I thought, but when we cleared out this "small" area, the tubs and boxes filled up the family room.  So now we are trying to find time to sort and toss again.  We thought Joel would be home more to get things moved, ordered, and taken to Salvation Army but is now just gathering dust in the lower level!  We need the space in just three weeks so will need to get moving and grooving here.....sigh....

Speaking of moving and grooving, did anyone watch the Country Music Awards?  I noticed there gets to be less country and more country rock each year. Good show, though.

And I am moving and grooving too in my own way.  I have managed a couple outings this week and am walking daily 6-10 minutes.  Even made it to the river a time or three.  My hot pink tennies lead the way, literally glowing!  Ha!  Still eating paleo and still not losing weight :).  Still using prayer for healing.  I have decided to make a bucket list for when I turn 65 ~~which is only around 4 months away! 

Halloween night it was warm and the kids came out in droves.  We went through nearly eight bags of candy, and most of that was in the first hour!  Our youngest grandson came to town trick or treating so we were able to hug on him and help fill his pumpkin with candy!

Daylight savings ends tonight.  It will be dark by 5-5:30 and the sun will come up around 6:15am.
Winter is creeping up on us.  When we lived in the Philippines it was located so close to the equator that the sun came up and went down like clock work every day.  No variation. Of course the temperature did not vary much either.  Hot and humid or humid and hot!  And we either had lots of sunshine or lots of rain during the monsoon season.

I am still not reading much.  I am still watching a lot of Biblical teachings on the Internet, reading a few blogs, and am finishing up a Guidepost novel.  Those are very very light and good bedtime reading. What are you reading?

Until next time............

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