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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Oct 20 2012 12:56pm
Another Saturday in Iowa. The weather has been up and down with one day in the 70's and one day at 48.  We have not had much time on the porch.  Fall is passing too quickly for me. 

Speaking of "another".  There was another political debate.  Another terrorist plot stopped.  Another confusing medical study.  Another American hero sent home in a coffin.  Another bad news week.  Wow. So important to not believe that is all there is!

Speaking of politics, we don't watch the political debates.  Joel and I just do not get into it.  In fact I have been avoiding Facebook a lot the last month due to the constant stuff on there about both candidates.  What is true....what is not.....often the truth seems to be twisted, exagerated, or missing!  I don't mean to sound critical, many are passionate and are very involved in it all.  Joel and I know who we will vote for and we always vote.  That is enough for us.

Speaking of Joel, he was able to go to our Synod Conference last Sunday throughTuesday afternoon.  He had been unable to go for a few years due to illness, but now could go, catch up with friends, and share his story of healing.  He had a great time, but I had to laugh~~~The first night he was so hot under the hotel's polyester covers, he got up at 4am and went out to the van to get both cotton and wool blankets that we keep in there for emergencies in the winter months!  His comment was, "How does anyone sleep under that!"   Guess all the organic cotton, wool, and down has spoiled us!

A couple of weeks ago our son told us that the police in the city where he is an officer had to shoot a mountain lion that was right in the middle of their big city, very near the playground of a school.  They called the wildlife management but they were hours away and when the mountain lion became a threat they had to shoot it.  So sad for all involved.  There has been rumors that there are mountain lions in Iowa and now we know there are!

That reminds me of when as a family, we stayed in our tent camper up at Joel's folks in a wooded area of NW Minnesota. During the night  I thought I heard a big big "cat" growl.  Seriously.  I woke Joel up right away and he told me, "There is no way that is a mountain lion, just go back to sleep, we are safe."  He was used to me "hearing things"  on our camping trips!  The next morning Grandpa asked us at the breakfast table if we had heard the mountain lion in the night.  Okay, then. 

We rearranged the living room this week.  It is cozier and nice to have a different view from our perspective chairs.  Joel spends very little time in  his and I am in mine about 1/3 less than I used to be some days, so that is good.  There is organized clutter around my chair since that is where my "office" is...with the notebooks I use to take notes or journal in, my laptop and iPad, pens and pencils, and several books and Bibles, plus a Yahtzee game :).   I love to take notes and have books full from sermons, Biblical studies or speakers I have listened to.  I would love to be back in a Bible college if we had the money.  I have been considering taking a correspondence or online course this winter. Learning something new or seeing something from a new perspective is always exciting.

Friday we went to Joanne's Fabrics and I found material to cover two pillows for our living room...also picked up material for one pillow with all my favorite fall colors. I used to sew a lot....clothes for the kids, curtains, sofa covers, and even denim shirts for Joel.  Once upon a time..........

I did not watch any movies, just TV again.  I am reading a new novel from Guideposts.  What are you reading?

Until next time.........
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